Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who Else Could Get Away With This?

I have this huge postcard collection. When I hauled it out here to LA, I found a rack for them all. My place is eclectic to say the least. There's nothing traditional about me except I wear clothes when I leave the house. At least I hope I do.

One of my favorite cards is of President Nixon and Elvis Presley. This card was printed in 1988 but this event happened on December 21, 1970. Elvis Presley arrived at The White House carrying a commemorative World War II Colt 45. Being a badge collector, he wanted to trade the gun to President Nixon for a Narcotics Bureau Badge. Elvis received the badge and the gun is now on display at the Richard Nixon Library at Yorba Linda, California.

The irony that Elvis died of a drug overdose was not lost on one person, except maybe Nixon.

I still love Elvis, not one singer has come close to having that lasting fame and talent after almost 40 years except the Beatles. Out of today's crop of entertainerers, who do you think **Oprahbama's Presidency would allow that kind of trade?

**I TOTALLY stole that name from her.

End of chat.


  1. I too am a huge Elvis fan. Love love love him!

  2. Love the rack for your postcards--eclectic is my favorite decorating style. I cannot stand matchy-matchy.

  3. Jeez that's a tough one. I sat here for a couple minutes trying to think of something witty/funny and I got nothin'

    I'm just surprised that you leave your house with clothes on! I pegged you as more of a free spirit.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    My feelings are hurt..I thought my penis card to you was your favorite...or did you already ruin it?

  5. I'm loving that rack, too!

    I'm thinking we could seem some interesting irony from today's stars vis a vis gun control and crime prevention. It seems like my kids are always telling me about this one or that who is going to prison for a while for some kind of gun activity.

  6. My local theater owned a copy of "Blue Hawaii" and showed it as the second feature with almost everything. I must have seen that movie 50 times, and loved it every time.

  7. That is awesome!! If you ever are on the brink of homelessness...that rack will save you via ebay!!!

  8. I love that you collect postcards. Also, you have a terrific rack.

  9. That rack is such a good idea - I sort of have collected postcards over the years too - They're all about the house tucked in books and the odd album! Don't ask me ever to put a hand on one of them, I have no idea where they are!

    Gotta love Elvis...

  10. You don't wear underwear though.
    I love Elvis and I love that my kids also love Elvis.
    I also love that he is a vampire in one of the books I am reading, except they call him "Bubba".

  11. I wrote this HUGE LONG AND INCREDIBLE comment, and fucking blogger fucked me.


    I cannot possibly be funny when I'm pissed.

  12. yet it took THAT comment? Are you screening your comments???


  13. My mother collected postcards during the 30s and 40s and they are all catogorized by state and country in an album. They are so beautiful and I love to read what was written on the backs of them because I feel like I get a sense of her life and family.
    I think the stand is a super idea! and now have to convince my husband that it is!

  14. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I collect postcards too!

    (That rack is a great idea, btw. I might have to steal it).

    Lol. During the election, Lindsey Lohan claimed that she/Barack emailed each other. Who'd be surprised if she offered him narcotics of some sort?

  15. Are you kidding? That is the greatest post card collection I've ever seen. Fab way to display!

  16. Nice rack you have.

    Great way to display your cards.

    Eclectic is traditional now you know. At least that's what I tell myself the older I get.

    Who should be on the card, tough choice. In fact I cant think of one. Elvis had IT. he really had the most gorgeous smile, what a waste it was for him to go so young. As for Nixon well history will never judge him kindly.