Sunday, March 29, 2009

First. Some Of The Celebrities

It was a long day into night but I thought I'd throw up some photos I took to gear up for the rest.

Below is Jorja Fox from CSI.

James Cromwell, who has been Hollywood's best character actor for decades.
Emily Deschanel from Bones.
And for the love of God it was a vegan meal!!!

End of chat.


  1. Did you take your purse liquor? Did you smuggle in a big fat double double animal style and flaunt in thier faces?

  2. But it wasn't dry, was it??? MY GOD!

  3. I thought Jovanka wasn't coming back.

  4. I love Emily Deschanel. Sorry about the PETA friendly food.

  5. Where's the beef??

  6. Yuck! Did you go out for a big fat burger after? I would have.

    Thanks for the comment the other day. If I lived in LA I would definitely hand out with you and Jessica! Hopefully soon I'll be out there!

  7. I'd like to see how you & Sis were dressed...did you shower?

  8. Oh for the LOVE of GOD. VEGAN? What the hell is wrong with this world????

    I'm sending over a burger. Just don't tell Braja- I promised her I'd give up meat.

  9. and please tell me you brought a "sippy" cup.

  10. I love it when you post photos. Makes a girl from the midwest feel like she "comes close" to some excitement.

    *My son's Band is playing tonight at THE MIRAGE (Love Revolution Lounge) in Vegas!

    He just called and is very excited. Maybe he'll send me pics.

    I ate Mexican today. From my own kitchen. Do you want me to post some exciting pictures?

  11. Shall I send along some beef jerky? I have a terrific source. Or venison jerky? I hear it tastes better because it's cuter. :-)

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  12. Let me guess - you ate lettuce and grains? And then went to In-N-Out for some real food ;)

    I LOVE Emily Deschanel and the show Bones.

  13. Vegan? Oh. James Cromwell is a great actor.

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