Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Everybody Can Bite me Friday!

Thanks to the 8 people who put me over 100. I wish I had door prizes. The first 200 people who follow me, I follow back. So if you've followed me and I haven't done it back due to TOO MANY DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS, send me an email (in my profile) and I'll do it. That's all you're allowed to follow, 200. Makes no sense to me. 5000 can follow you and you get to follow 200. Is everyone still awake?

I'm still shocked over the death of Natasha Richardson. 45 years old and from three generations of esteemed British actors. Especially since it was a head trauma and she appeared okay. Almost 2 years ago I was hit by a car while I was walking across the street. The guy who hit me insisted I go to the hospital and I said I was fine, mainly just in shock. I was talking but had a slight headache. I've since fallen twice inside my place and one outside by the pool, where I flashed the gardener. Accidentally.

The man who hit with me with his car said his insurance would pay but from all my experience, hospitals find things that insurance doesn't cover, like toilet paper, and you get billed for an extra $10, 000.

So how come Natasha hit her head and then died? Icy slope? Is that harder than concrete? It's like survivor's syndrome, which I've never believed in. I always just thought, "Their time to go, not mine." According to all my metaphysical books and especially the ones on reincarnation, we choose when we are born and when we die. Which family we choose to be born into, which is for some, the most incomprehensible of all. Would you knowingly pick a drunk, a pedophile or an abuser? But reincarnation is something that we won't understand until it's too late. It's all about the growth of the soul. The body just serves as the way to get you through a particular lifetime.

I 'picked' a father who was distant and not affectionate and I used to pick men like that, until I fucking GOT it and that all ended. Would I have made that choice without picking my Dad? Obviously I needed a few lessons in self worth.

Religious people, as opposed to spiritual people, will tell you there is free will so man has all the control but reincarnation says the exact opposite. Braja had planned a trip to New Zealand from India, with a stop over in Bangkok. Instead she ended up in a hospital in India. Where is the free will? That she made a plan and packed her bags?

Sidebar: If you're currently giving money to a church, STOP. They just use it for themselves and won't get you into what you refer to as 'heaven.' Instead spend it on a neighbor who needs help. Like Bernie Madoff. The Vatican is the richest 'country' in the world followed by the UK's Royal family. Either of them helped you out recently?

Back in 1994, the last major earthquake we had in L.A. there was a picture taken of 7 or 8 houses all on a ridge overlooking the Valley of Los Angeles. They were all built by the same builder in the same year. They all survived the earthquake intact. All but one towards the middle. It slid down the mountain and killed the two occupants inside. Not one other house on that ridge moved.

Most studies say that you know when you're going to die (subconsciously) and you're not afraid and you realize that all you were supposed to learn in this lifetime, you've learned. So you go. Without fear. Gary Zukav once told a couple who had lost a child that birth can't be determined by you, some souls don't even go into bodies until right before the birth, or in some cases, after the birth. So he said to them, "If you can't control birth, why do humans think we can control death? If God sent someone to give birth to you, you have to believe God sent someone to bring you home." So forgiveness for murderers and rapists is essential for your growth because uh, there's no malls or houses or money where we're going. Even Dr. Brian Weiss says all there is in life is love and forgiveness.

My book is all about the paranormal activities (and distant and unaffectionate men) that follow me around. It's been quiet for a while, usually when it starts up it's pretty creepy. I will say that this last 5 years has been a period of patience, something I never had. So as much as I loathe the position I'm in now, maybe I should be grateful instead.

End of chat.


  1. Oh my...we are on the same wavelength as far as the spiritual crap. I think we pick life and death...and all aspects in between.

    It is all about growth of the soul. Absolutely!!

    Happy Friday from your new follower (might have been the one that put you over 100, but not expecting any prizes...unless you feel your soul telling you to. haha)


  2. Perhaps we choose who we will be, what we will learn, and with whom so that we may help our soul's growth. We are all lessons - we teach others, even as we learn from them.

    Each passes in their own time, of that I am certain...just no why we pass in the when we do and what we'll find on the other side...pondering that makes my brain hurt.

    Forgiveness is a terrible, wonderful thing.

    I give money as directly to those who need it as I can, because (as with spirituality) I don't want or need a middle man.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  3. Well said... I couldn't agree with you more. K' got it right, I can do without the "middle man".

    Have a happy day


  4. I'm also shocked by Natasha Richardson's death.
    I smacked my forehead on a beam so hard this summer I dented my forehead - my brain trauma, not even a headache. Too hard headed am I?

  5. Bullshit you "accidently" flashed the gardener!

  6. Regarding Natasha's accident and death. She was on the friggin' bunny slope, she was taking lessons.

    I'm just freestyling here but...

    What if she made a decision/resolution to take lessons and overcome some fear she may have had about skiing.

    Did she seal her fate with that decision?

    Peace - Rene

  7. Uhmmm where can I get a copy of your book? What is that title :-)

    It was very shocking to hear of Natasha Richardson death. After I heard she had talked and laughed.. dang did she know she was dying. Is she still going...I am dead? What a shock for her boys, she had taking them on holiday! very sad!!!

  8. Head trauma really freaks me out. I remember a few years ago when a 12 year old girl watching a hockey game and was hit in the forehead with a puck. The news kept showing her getting up and walking out of the stands. She died later that night. So sad and scary. Every time they would show the clip I got chills.

  9. I had a friend who slipped in some water in a break room, fell backwards and hit her head and got right up. No headache, nothing. She's walked with a cane since and can't work because she can't think straight. This whole head injury thing is some scary shit.

  10. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Does anyone know if the family donated any of her organs? Tragic story, you want something good to come out of it.

    Boss O xxxx

  11. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Wasn't Zukav unceremoniously shit canned by Oprah after he got really, really boring?

    I know an organ the grieving widower can donate. Well, not donate but lend...

  12. nice to hear the good news that I have chosen my birth and will decide my death ... I know, when they come for me I just won't go...

  13. my mother died the same way. THE SAME WAY

    AND i read your whole damn post. Alert the media.

  14. I'm assuming the book is a work in progress? I really enjoyed reading your perspectives on life. Thanks for sharing. And I'd totally buy your book. In all seriousness.

  15. I just got the google friend gadget yesterday. I have one follower. It's me.
    Do you have any idea how lame that makes me look?

  16. I want to subscribe. Not in a reader, damn it! By email. I want to feel like you are sending me stuff to read. Or at least links.

  17. Found this today on AOL

    March 25) - As the loved ones of Natasha Richardson continue to mourn, a family decision made in the wake of the Tony-winning actress's sudden death March 18 has brought a measure of comfort: After Richardson was taken off life support at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital, her family requested that her organs be donated to other patients whose lives they might save.