Monday, March 09, 2009

Australians And Howling Dogs

This is the Australian band Kistone at my place Saturday night. Why do they look retarded and why are they holding my sister Lindy's dog?

Number One: Someone didn't understand the concept of a flash camera and it wasn't me, for once.

Number Two: Yoshi, the dog, HOWLS like a wolf. When my sister and I are alone with him, we have to rush to his side to shut him up because he thinks we, as his pack, are LOST. So he howls. LOUDLY. Never give Australians this information because they decided to see how long it would take them to get the dog to flip out and me evicted. Eventually my sister joined in the howling AND I LOST MY WILL TO LIVE and decided to just stand outside and wait for the cops to show up.

Then I started howling.

And the phone rang.

"What's going on other there?"
"The Australians are giving my sister's dog a Brazilian."
"Well, in case you didn't know, it's VERY, VERY, VERY loud."
"You've clearly never had a Brazilian, have you?"
"I'M A GUY."
"Then I'll jump you to the front of the line."


Here someone put the flash to better use and Simon is consoling Yoshi while Lindsay and Mike make fun of the video they took of him. I thought I had no life. And I don't.

I want to thank Vodka Mom for letting me blog chez elle and for the support of all her terrific fans. I still have numb hands and don't always respond the way I used to in the comments section but I was so moved by Vodka's readers that I'm going to start commenting back again because my horrific, debilitating pain is inconsequential in the face of such kindness and of course I'm lying.

End of chat.


  1. They don't look retarded....not really...

    I bet they have a lot of love to give.

    I am moving to Australia this summer, and I hope I meet lots of loving Australian men (that sounds naughty :-) )

  2. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Heh, I love my dog-taunting people.

    Boss O xxxx

  3. Y'know, musicians always seem so cool up on stage...

  4. "then I'll jump you to the front of the line," Ha!! Way to go, Suzy!

  5. Heh - funny. I once set a friend's entire neighborhood off, howling. Her dog likes to "sing" with me, and he whines like a little puppy whenever I'm over until I howl....and then he joins me. Made the mistake of doing it outside one day. Oops.

    I hope your hands get better soon...I worry about you.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. They seem like a really "special" band.
    Go Yoshi!

  7. That dog is clearly looking for an escape route.

  8. You have wider dissemination than I thought if bands from Oz start showing up at your place. (And just to be clear, having a "wider dissemination" is a good thing!)

  9. Wow, you're quite the Hollywood hangout. Next thing you know those tours that go through all the movie stars' neighborhoods will be parked out front!

    My favorite line, though, was "In case you didn't know it's VERY, VERY, loud... You get huge points for only being mildly sarcastic. WTH, boy genius... if you have to call to tell me that it's loud then trust me when I say, I KNOW!

  10. Star Child: Aussies are ALL nice except Boss Of Everthing who is STILL 67 weeks pregnant.

    Boss of Everything AND Star Child: see what I mean?

    Venom, everyone looks cool on a stage until they're in your house.

    Susan, my favorite line too. TWINS!

    Kyddryn, you're always so sweet, unlike BOSS OF EVERTHING.

    GM and Jenn: Yes and yes.

    Jami, yeah, especially when I can't stop wearing my pajamas.

    Kathy, if they paid me, I'd let them come inside and wait on me.

  11. You mean Yoshi didn't bite them? Even a little? I wouldn't blame Yoshi!

  12. Dog Brazilians. God, I love you....

  13. Thanks for kicking ASS when you came over. I'm gonna have to retire now cause I cannot POSSIBLY follow you funny ass people.

    goddammit. I shot myself in the ass and I don't even own a gun.

  14. wait, is someone shaving someone? I'm getting out of here!!!

  15. Yummm they are CUTE!

  16. Hi:

    I don't know if you remember me but I did Stand up around the same time as you. Don't worry if you don't remember. I just wanted to say hi.