Saturday, March 21, 2009

Books, Blogs And Agents

I've had some comments about my book, All the Bad Sex I've Had, a very, very very long book. was hosting it and they recently let the website dangle. As you'll see, there was a lot of work that went into the site and the owner wanted to concentrate more on his computer business. There's a widget on the front page of my blog. If you click on it, it will take you to the website and then click on my name. It starts with part 1 and ends on part 11, but that's just the beginning. The book is finished, just not posted or published. The owner of Scrivel did a great job putting up everyone's pieces as other bloggers were asked to participate and I was happy to do so. And speaking of widgets, Uproar Entertainment has shut down so my blog for them is no longer available. Is this a test to see if I'll kill myself?

Nothing on the Scrivel site has ever appeared on my blog and I saved copies of Uproar. I provided 58% of their traffic and when I left, their traffic went down to nothing. I also raised their numbers. From 21 million down to 4 million in 8 weeks. And WOW, I'm still sitting here staring into space.

Remember the literary agent I had? I fired them. Seriously, there must be a gun around here somewhere. What was the last thing the captain said to the cops on Hill Street Blues?

Be careful out there.

End of chat.


  1. Well, shit.

    (That's the first thing that popped into my head. I'm just brimming with inspiration, aren't I?) I haven't read your published portion of your book yet. I will go do that because it's got to be interesting! How could it not be fantastic? Really?

  2. Let's go agent shopping together. Seriously, it'll be fun. Oh, wait, I HATE to shop. I forgot.

  3. Yes, sometimes I think we're tested by the universe to see if underneath we are really homocidal maniacs

  4. We seriously need to get this published! I will bring you the "hand" item you need to make this happen! ;-)

  5. You are so my hero

  6. Aww, crap.

    I'd offer suggestions on the agent thing, but I can't even gather up the chutsz to write a letter to one, so actually bagiing that elusive big game? Yeah, not so much.

    Fuck 'em - I hear self -publishing is treating authors well, and you've got a built-in audience! And there's always Kindle/electronic publishing. As soon as someone in my household is employed again, I would buy a copy...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  7. Chin up, girl.

    There are a few people who I follow around who (imho) have real talent, and you are totally in that group. It makes me glad that I'm not talented in this way because the talent seems to cause a lot of frustration!!!

    Just keep banging away. I know you'll get there. And feel free to harness the un-list (I don't think I rank on the alphabet list)! We're waiting and ready to launch a full Suzy Soro promotion campaign.

  8. Anonymous11:44 AM

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