Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seriously, I'm Writing This From Heaven

Here is the person who won my last contest. And she's showing her face and body for the first time! EVER.

Then go here to vote for whether you should keep or dump comment verification. Some of us want bloggers to stop wasting our time with CV and some of us have no life and have LARGE gaps of time to fill. We promised Sherri we'd vote one way or the other. Well, I promised anyway. (our side is winning)

I am still on my death bed and dragged myself out to try and clean a little and instead the computer grabbed me by the arm and forced me to blog.

End of chat. Maybe forever.


  1. I have a feeling you'll rise from the ashes, my Hollywood Queen...

  2. Thanks for the LINK OF LOVE and tell us...

    Is there word verification in heaven?

    * I have TEMPORARILY disabled the WV, while the voting continues for 5 more days. Then, the permanent decision will be made!


  3. Are you really sure it would be from Heaven?!

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Leave the comments on.

    Thank you,

  5. How will you know what we think if we can't comment?? Word verification is retarded, most of the time I can't even tell what they want me to type. It's all skeevy.

    I am starting to suspect that you are (a) faking it so you don't have to finish your book. Now get on it!!! or (b) you have bird flu.

    could go either way.

  6. Well, I was front and centre bitching about the comment verification and lo and frickin' behold Braja came over to inform me that I have it on my blog.

    I had no idea.

    And I claim to be smart!!

    I hope you're feeling better...up in heaven. Do they have cream cheese?

  7. Thanks for the link. I will be showing more of me soon.
    Don't bother cleaning if you are on your deathbed. Family will just come by with a dumpster later.

  8. Oh, and Lisa over at Why Not did a post on STOP THE BULLSHIT WORD VERIFICATION today. I wish someone would read it...

  9. shall I bring over some vodka? That kills ANYTHING.