Wednesday, December 09, 2009

If I Say You're Not Funny, You're Not Funny

Not really. I just needed a headline that would make you want to read this.


But I'm afraid to open it. So instead, I thought I'd let you all guess how much it was and then the winner gets one of my Tee Shirts. The closest amount wins.

Also? I'm wearing a padded bra in this photo:

Also? I have a head in real life.

The Details:
1. I was in the ER about 2-3 hours
2. This was not a hospital, but a Medical Center
3. I got 6 stitches
4. I had a cat scan
5. I got a tetanus shot
6. I have no health insurance
7. I whined like a baby
8. Because I am a baby

I'll keep the contest open until next Wednesday, a week from today. Guess as many times as you want.

Also? I encourage cheating. So I'm hoping Tiger Woods will enter.

End of chat.


  1. Hmm Let's see. Five TRILLION dollars?

    and some change.

  2. $11,000 and change?

  3. If someone put needles in my eye repeatedly then charged me for it, I'd whine like a baby, too. I'm guessing $9400.

  4. I'm guessing it cost you the price of parking in the car park.

    Oh wait, you're not IN Australia where it would be that much...

    Hmmmmmmm, CT scans is pricey - cause they can get away with it. I'll vote 6k.

    Your cuntry sucks and should be ashamed of itself.

    Boss O Free CTs xxxx

  5. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Just a wild guess.... $6,500. Medical costs are ridiculous. It's not as if you had brain surgery, right? You didn't have brain surgery, did you?

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  6. 3,000 - they'll charge about 1,000 for the stitches (surgery, wouldn't ya know?) and 1500 for the CAT scan and 500 for letting you walk in the door.

  7. Well, I was going to guess $3,000, but Suburban Correspondent beat me to it. In the spirit of The Price is Right, I'll go with $3,001.

  8. I'd say 2,450. If they charged you more, they'd have better signage. :)

  9. -->My guess is $4,387.

    (If you are charged for the ambulance ride and being insulted by the fireman then it will be more for sure.)

  10. I'm guessing about 4784. If it was an ER it would be more. I am still paying off my college medical bills.

  11. 4000 but the doctors will bill you separately.

  12. $1, oh wait,I thought this was the price is right!

  13. MY GOD, I just looked back at the photo. What are the odds of THAT??

    Like Smalltownmom said, this is only the first of several bills you'll get - radiology will be separate, blah blah blah. For just the ER, how about $2500?

  14. Wait is this the CASH price or the INSURANCE price because they are different.

    I had an MRI and they charged me $2500 when they thought I had insurance. I called them and told them I didn't have insurance and the girl said "oh, well in that case it's $650.00. WHAT?? Anyway if it's the insurance price then I say it's 16,750 if it is the cash price then it's around 5k.


  16. I'm going to think positive and say $4,500. It all depends on how much that scan cost.

    I bet you are wishing you had just opened it now...

  17. My guess is $3,561.26. Because I like nice round numbers.

  18. 6001!!

    Hope your cut is better now but you have slapped your forehead looking at the bill and done further damage!!

  19. I'll guess $5765.

    Based on being "admitted" to L&D for "emergency" ultrasounds on three occasions and each time that bill was about $3700.

  20. 1. That is a beautiful Tungsten Wedding Band.

    2. Stop posting so much.

    3. I already have the damn tshirt

    4. 269? 269?? Going to the scale, and bringing the cell phone with me.

  21. $7239.11
    You do not have insurance? Is that why you chose not to go to an ER?

    This is a bummer!

  22. Sorry, #2 tripped me up!

  23. For some reason, I'm thinking $12,500. I'm ready for the showcase showdown.

  24. I'm suddenly very grateful for the NHS.

    Not just cos I work for them either . . .

  25. Also, 850 . . . what's the currency you use over there . . . Ducks? Bucks? Shucks?

    850 of 'em, anyway.

  26. Eleventeen hundred dollars.

  27. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I think $11,750
    Aloha, MJ

  28. I'm afraid to guess. I'm going to buy the tee shirt.

  29. $4,333. That's my final offer.

  30. $3850.

    No, there's no science to it. It's just a guess.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  31. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Luckily, although I live in Canada,
    I have numerous friends who have
    showed me their bills, right up
    into the millions for open heart
    surgery (happened to my Aunt on
    vacation). On that alone, I'm
    going with l4,335.72 :)
    and I'm hoping it's under 2,000.00.
    (Cat scans are expensive from what I remember) Sticking with that
    disgusting amount for uninsured,
    although the comment about insured/
    uninsured has me thinking I'm high.

    Maybe I'll win both showcase showdowns though.


  32. $5000 seems like a nice round number....

  33. Cat scan will drive it up, but I'm going to go lower and say about $2700. Sorry if it's the double that figure which is probably the right one.

  34. $2792.65 ... more or less.

  35. Oh no.... I hope it isn't as terrible as some of these guesses. YIKES.

    Because of the CAT scan and the stitches, I will guess $2800. I bet it would be a lot less in Wisconsin. And I can assure you that one of my favorite things, so far, in the UK is the NHS. For any faults it may possess, it is still pretty much FREE.

  36. I'm doing a tiger woods (at your suggestion)
    $3,000 at least....
    Frankly, I am surprised at my sister's guess being that she is dealing with socialized medicine these days.
    I HOPE she is not right and I am :)