Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lindy's Place

Guess who has more money, me or my sister Lindy, who lives here on the Pacific Ocean? Here's a hint, it's not me. It was so windy I couldn't a good view of her entire outfit. When I said "Get rid of the dog" she understood "Pick up the dog." If I hadn't been available she would have taken that dog as her Plus One. The skirt was black and wide white side stripes with a handkerchief hem she bought in Paris and the top was an asymmetrical black strapless top. The evening wrap I bought her and should have kept for myself. But since she always dresses so "California" she has no idea how to dress for an evening event unless cargo pants and flip flops are involved. Then I made her put on a black leather biker cuff and she nearly stroked out. Color, pattern, texture, accessories. Always accessorize, that's what my French mother taught me. Obviously Lindy is adopted.

I've put this polka dot top on this blog before. But this time I wore it with a black padded strapless Victoria's Secret bra that made me a triple EEE and because of that the diamond buttons made the blouse keep popping open. I collect pearls so I'm usually wearing some variation of them. At a gas station I had to ask an Asian woman to REACH into my car and button up my blouse and rearrange some black and white pearls for me. Gee, SHE wasn't terrified. It's a good thing I'm not shy.

I had to borrow one of my sister's black strapless bras which I've decided to keep because I'm the oldest. I'm so glad I didn't have brothers. How do you convert a jock stap into a bra? EXACTLY.
This a a view of the Ocean and the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as PCH, from the deck of Lindy's pool.
Two views from the park in front of her building.

A view of the condos from inside the pool area.

These people thought they had a great deal going on. Condos that faced the heated pool AND the Pacific Ocean. Then they couldn't get out fast enough on the lower floors because they forgot that children in a pool and parents yelling at them does not make a relaxing atmosphere at $2000+ a month.

The people on the upper levels were persuaded to jump to their deaths from a tenant's sister.

Tyra Banks used to live here with her boyfriend. After I talked to her I saw her head for the roof.

End of chat.


  1. I've got a lovely necklace - a strand of white and a strand of black- they were my mother's.

    Unfortunately, not many chances to wear them in kindergarten.....

  2. I'll take the wind if I get the sun hell with the kids...I'm deaf.
    Does she want a room mate?

  3. I love pearls also, but unfortunately, mine are not genuine.

    "Do you have a pair to spare?"
    (not to be confused with a square to spare.)

  4. Enjoyed hanging with ya'll today. Little too early for me to stay in the sun long, so sorry I had to avoid the pool area ;-)

  5. Sigh. Looks rough :)

  6. I remember that view.

    The wrap is great--you're right, you should have kept it.

  7. How I long for sunny California. Today is partially sunny in Chicago which means we will see the sun for about 10 minutes before it sets.

  8. The wrap is gorgeous. The view is beautiful and making me oh so home sick. We just made a bid on a lot over looking the ocean in Dana Point. I will live in a tent and eat Spam if I can wake up to that every morning ;)

    You are such a gorgeous lady. I love the polka dot top and I too was taught dress simple and then accessorize. As Clarise said in Steel Magnolia's "It's the only thing that separates us from the animals."

  9. I think technically, because she is family, you can demand your gift back -- as long as you trade it in for something of equal or lesser value.

    She cannot possibly treasure it as you would....

  10. When I said I collect pearls I didn't mean real ones. Just all shapes and varieties. The ones I wore to the G Awards were black and whire with little diamongs in between. Of all the pearls I own, those get the most compliments and I got them both for a total of maybe 8 bux. I have 3 full drawers of accessories. It saves you having to buy a new wardrobe every 2 years.

    And Lindy loves the wrap and pulled out about 5 gowns and asked if they would look good with the wrap.

  11. Sure, you look adorable in the polka dot blouse, but for god's sake tell me more about that AWESOME DIARAMA!!


  12. You are the oldest and therefore get to claim or reclaim anything you want. You look gawjus - this event sounds like so much fun! (Except you know I'd have gone in my pajamas...)

  13. Hey Suzy!!! How are you? Thanks for commenting on my pics! Just got back from NYC! where I pretended I was in a Woody Allen movie... of course..

  14. >>>>Victoria's Secret bra that made me a triple EEE

    Is that a multiplier effect to make it equal EEEEEEEEE?

    Wowzer. Gives one a backache.


  15. E is planning on coming to live with you after she graduates from High School. Apparently I don't have enough accessories.

  16. You look pretty, Suz!