Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Things I Did That Should Have Been An Instant Alert To My Parents. But Was Not.

Studies show that if a child is given a box of crayons, the first color they choose is yellow. And then they draw a big sun. That must be a normal kid.

I was offered a box of crayons and chose red. And then used it to destroy the dreaded middle initial often found after a person's first name in a book of children's stories.
I had nothing against middle names because I left them all intact. But middle initials? What kind of monster doesn't write out his middle name?

Robert E. Lee
William H. Macy
John F. Kennedy
George C. Scott
Booker T. Washington
Susan B. Anthony
Michael J. Fox



  1. I must be Satan herself. I have a middle initial but no middle name.

    Evil Janie

  2. Indeed it's a conspiratory!

  3. -->They even spell out the middle names of serial killers and assassins.

    James Wilkes Booth
    Lee Harvey Oswald
    John Wayne Gacy

  4. Of course.

    I never would have reached for the red crayon.

    So perfectly telling, Suzy.

  5. Hello hot die hollywood - I found you through the gravelfarm's blog (of all places).
    My crayon color? Purple!
    Give me a visit some time at