Monday, April 09, 2012

The Dog Who Needs A Pillow

I've met a lot of dogs in my life. And not just the human kind. But I've never met one who absolutely, positively HAS to have his head resting on something before he can fall asleep. This is Brady. I house sit for his parents, my friends, while they're out having a more exciting life than I am. Although I recently got a  pedicure so things are not entirely dull over here at 100 Dullsville Lane, Hollywood, California.

Sometimes Brady uses this pillow while it's vertical:

Sometimes he uses this black and white snuggie as a pillow:

Sometimes he uses the snuggie as a blankie while he rests his head (which I swear weighs 7 pounds) on the arm of the couch:

Sometimes he uses this Kreiss round pillow while he rests up from a day of staring at me:

Sometimes he goes into my room and drags his bed out into the living room. Even though he has an identical one IN the living room, somehow the one from my bedroom is more interesting.

Sometimes that vertical pillow slumps down enough to be used like a Pilate's slant board.

And sometimes he uses my body as a pillow.

Standard poodles are particularly strong and people mistake their expensive hair cuts (more than it costs to have mine cut) for a frilly dog. HA! They are pure muscle and can drag your ass after a bird at 15 miles an hour if they choose. This poodle loves everyone and when he jumps up to greet you with a kiss, he's 5'6". If he had a job I'd probably marry him.

They're also incredibly smart and hypo-allergenic, one of a very few breed of dog that does not shed. (Bichons and Katans also don't shed) I taught Brady how to get his own treats out of a bag.

The owners were thrilled.


I'm pretty sure this series of dog pictures guarantees me front runner status for indoctrination into the Dullards Hall of Fame.

Shut up.


  1. I love Brady!! You two make a lovely pair!

  2. Such a handsome lover boy! Willow likes using a pillow but will also lie down without one, especially when she is using my favorite neck pillow and I take it away from her.
    I know, bad mama. Nothing new.

  3. After looking at all these pictures, I'd like to come back as Brady. What a life!

  4. It's not dull. Dogs are never dull. I want Brady's life.


  5. You kill me. Brady seems like a tough crowd, however.

  6. How adorable! Brady is such a nice looking poodle! I have black standard and I hate when people think they are stupid frou frou dogs. People are always shocked when I tell them the breed is second to border collies in intelligence. My poodle likes to use things as pillows too...must be a breed thing :)
    Love the photos of Brady!