Friday, April 20, 2012

L.A. Sign Of The Times #99

Like every single site on the web, Blogger has changed their format, and just like all the others, NOT FOR THE BEST. They've taken away the option to upload larger pictures, which I did before by switching back and forth from their new editor to the old one. I guess they didn't want all their space used up for free.

This smaller format really makes this huge apartment building look like a doll house. THANKS FOR NOTHING BLOGGER.


  1. I've switched back to the old layout but the picture remains small. I hate Blogger.

    AND there is nothing on New Blogger to allow comments. Every time I post I have to manually tick off an "allow" comments or it doesn't allow them.

  2. Suzy, the default on mine is to allow comments. Maybe you have to reset it somewhere else (other than the particular post you are editing)?

  3. Anonymous11:16 PM

    smaller format really makes this hu...'


  4. Well, it does blow up big when you click on it - and nice view from those apartments!

    I haven't thought the change was for the better, either.

  5. I challenge Blogger to create an uglier and less user-friendly format.

  6. Here that Blogger? Juli Ryan has challenged you to an ugly dual where your opponent is the also less user friendly Twitter.