Monday, April 16, 2012

Some People Wish Their Dogs Were Thinner

I'm working on Jessica Bern's new TV web series Blog This and today's shoot was at the lovely home of the director's brother, who lives in Studio City, which is part of Los Angeles. But is in the dreaded 818 area code known as The Valley. L.A. is all snobby about area codes. Well, mainly I'm all snobby about area codes. No one else gives a shit. (everyone in LA gives a shit ) (about things like where to get a nice tofu dinner) (people in LA are annoying) (i'm not) (mostly)

Anyway, the director's brother has 3 dogs and this is the sign that's posted for their feeding. Apparently the one named Ziggy has a problem with eating food too fast.

How much do we love Ziggy?


  1. That note is f-ing hysterical and so L.A. My Aunt used to live in Malibu and seriously people would talk to her on the street about which therapist they took their dogs to!

  2. I'm still trying to picture the "foot over the bowl" maneuver. Sounds risky to me...

  3. I'm not putting my fucking foot over the bowl of a hungry dog. My toes bear a strong resemblance to kibble.


  4. I love the drawing, because saying 2/3 wasn't enough - it needed a visual, too.

    And I agree with Janie up there, I'm not putting my foot over the bowl of a hungry dog!

    But yes, I can love Ziggy. A lot.

  5. Ziggy needs to meet my Sebastian. I've had dogs most of my life, but I've never seen one eat 3/4 of a cup of food in two seconds flat.

    I put a ball in the bowl to slow him down. Then at least you can walk away. And keep your toes.

  6. Oh, my gosh... here in the real world of WISCONSIN, we wouldn't have a note like that for our pickiest eater children who were starving themselves.

  7. Megan, apparently a dog can die (according to the owner's vet) if he inhales food too quickly. Putting a ball in the bowl is a really great idea.

  8. OMG, our cockapoo would gnaw my leg off up to the root if I tried that.



  9. I wish I'd thought of that covering up the food bowl idea. Maybe our vomiting cat would vomit less and maybe if I could get someone to put their foot over the bowl when I eat ice cream, I'd be a size 2.

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