Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nothing Comes Between Me And My Sister

Sisters. Wearing my tee shirt!

You'll recognize this sister because she just returned to the United States after being an Expat. This sister has always been Stateside. When Stateside got a shirt I threw in an extra one for Expat since they were going to meet up and Stateside was going to rub it in that she had a shirt and Expat didn't.

Because I have a sister I know how much fun it is to torture one.


I've been threatening to write a post about Twitter but then realized there are Twitter Tutorials online if you use this new thing called Google.

And then I found this post by blogger and twitter user Molly Campbell and she sums up perfectly why those of us who use Twitter are so addicted to it.

Since I spend less time posting (FOUR YEARS OF BLOGGING, PEOPLE. FOUR YEARS) I've put some Twitter widgets on my sidebar so in case you drop by without calling first you'll have something to do while I finish putting on my makeup.

Up top is a Favorites widget. I put all the jokes I write, and sometimes what others write, but mainly me because I am a raging narcissist, and these change every week. Depending on how funny I am. And how funny others are, but mainly me because I am still, at the end of this paragraph, a raging narcissist.

At the bottom I've added a Twitpic widget. That's the platform that allows you to post your pictures to Twitter. Click on a picture and it will take you to my photos and you can flip through them.

So even when I'm not here? I'm here.

And in short doses! Win win!


  1. I'm glad it's their turn, b/c that means I'm that much closer to our turn.

    They are adorable....on my way to her blog.

  2. P.S. I cannot believe you blogged for 4 years!!!

  3. Wow not the most flattering picture but awesome t-shirt! Yes I'm an idiot still trying to gasp the whole twitter thing!

  4. Thank you for sharing my views on social media with your readers. It's an honor! Have a great weekend! molly

  5. I feel like I would have to choose between Twitter and my real life--there's not enough hours in the day for both. So far I'm sticking with my real (busy, busy) life.

  6. Thank you for dragging some of us along on Twitter. I hope I'm learning.

  7. The fact that I'm on that list over there makes me proud, humble and erect at the same time.

    I think the last one is due to my porn open in the other window.

    Sorry about that.

  8. Frau and I have been following each other since, let's see now, I think it's been forever. I do whatever she says. And she said to stop on over here.

  9. Our day has come! Thanks so much Suzy, plan to blog about this tomorrow.
    Our pic is... well...I have to learn how to use photoshop-sooo much better and less expensive than plastic surgery.

  10. Please. Please don't make me. I do not want to do Twitter. I don't. I have a Twitter account, but it languishes like the tampons under my counter since my hysterectomy. I never want to think about that stuff again. And yet, here you are, pushing me to tweet. It even sounds unpleasant. Last time I tweeted in public, I got in trouble.

  11. I love how you favstar your own tweets. Narcissists are sexy!

  12. my twit graph is... flat :P lol

    you said unless i look at yours, at least once a month, you automatically drop me... so: send me a pic of it!

  13. Sorry Suz, I love reading your stuff, but Twitter is just too much. I'll just keep coming here.

  14. I like twittering.

    I used to do it quite a bit from work but then they installed security cameras in our office so now when I'm at work, I twitter from the shitter.

  15. I'm lucky enough to have two sisters! So....I guess I'll have to enter the world of twitter... ;)

  16. This is a test of the emergency Suzy broadcast system.
    This is merely a test to see if the "comments" work.
    X David

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