Wednesday, September 08, 2010

L.A. Sign Of The Times #65

The Pacific Ocean as seen from my sister's building in Santa Monica.

No, it's not funny.

But it does annoy me so that should make you laugh. You know, that I'm so even tempered and all.


  1. Yes, you make us laugh. Thanks.
    Perhaps her next apartment will have a nicer view.

  2. I kept wondering which building was your sisters as I cruised Ocean Park in Santa Monica this summer.

  3. WHY does this annoy you?

    It annoys me that THIS annoys you.

    Now I am fucking annoyed. Thanks bitch.

  4. stunning photo! she has quite the view. what is the view from your building? you live near the hollywood sign, right? take care.

  5. She must have a pretty darn good job to afford a view like that.

    (Or a rich sister paying her rent;)

  6. This picture annoys me too. Does she need a roommate? Because I wouldn't be annoyed anymore.

  7. If that's her view, then absolutely, you should be the one to get the 3 rings from Paris.

    Only right.

    I knew you were right all along.

  8. damn! looks wet to me! :P lol