Monday, September 21, 2009

The Unwatchable Emmy Awards

Last year's Emmy Awards had the lowest ratings in their history, 12.8 million. The Suits said it was because 30 Rock and Mad Men are not viewed by enough people so no one watched because they had no idea what those shows were about. So they expanded each category to 7 entries. Maybe people would tune in to see other shows have a shot at Emmy.

30 Rock and Mad Men still won.

Which is why The People's Choice Awards appeals to so many. Two and A Half Men is the most watched comedy on TV and yet never finishes in the money. Except Jon Cryer, who won best supporting actor in a comedy this year.

So many repeat winners: Glenn Close, Bryan Cranston, Alec Baldwin, The Amazing Race. I was glad Toni Collette beat out Tina Fey, who was relegated to a guest part on SNL for her win. She can't act and Collette can. Fey's win last year was cringe-inducing.

Love you Tina. Mean it.

I stopped watching after an hour and got the winners from the internet, who were coming off the East Coast feed. Doogie Howser got on my last available nerve, the dresses were boring, the people were...who WERE some of those people?

And to answer yesterday's questions about Candice Bergen's face. She had an upper and lower blepharoplasty (upper and lower eye) and a forehead lift. That's why her eyebrows are at different heights in the pictures. At 63, she waited too long for this surgery. She did have severe hooding over her eyes, which is when the eyelid starts to slide over the eye. In some cases, hooding can be so severe that insurance will pay for it. Many Asians opt for this 'Round Eye Surgery.' Had Candice done this at 40, we wouldn't be so shocked to see her in a completely different face today.

Had I gone to bed earlier I would have missed the Emmy's.

There's always next year.

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I thought the Emmy Awards would be excellent if you ran out of sleep-inducing medication. BTW I am a "Mad Men"-ohlic. Mercifully, it was on during the first hour of the award show instead. I watched a tad of the red carpet portion on E. Egad, here were reality show personalities interviewing other reality show personalities. As they say in the closing line of "Bridge on the River Kwai," madness, total madness.

  2. I like the fact that you're aspiring to miss the Emmys.

    It's a good plan.

  3. Oh, Well, I watched it.
    I am a sucker for award shows.

  4. I have to say ... I LOVE LOVE LOVE TV and I HATE HATE HATE awards shows. Mainly because the shows I love always get the SHAFT SHAFT SHAFT. I'm pleased Mad Men won, but I wouldn't have watched the show anyway. Not even for good ol Doogie Howser MD.

    Blessings funny gal!

  5. I was actually happy to see that they divided the show into segments. That way I could avoid the very lame reality segment. Seriously, they give awards for reality shows? What talent is there in that? I switched channels and then came back later for the end. I thought the pc guy's commentary was lame.

  6. emmy shmemmy. Now pass the xanax.

  7. I didn't even know the Emmy's were on! I guess that says something right there...!

  8. So, I should get a face lift now? Oh wait,that was my comment for your previous post.
    I didn't watch the Emmy's, guess I didn't miss anything.

  9. Emmy is rock ....i miss the show.......

  10. Sorry I missed them too, didn't realize they were on till I saw the worse/best dress (guy makes me sick) cudjo dude yacking about them

  11. I didn't watch the Emmy's because I was too busy watching Mad Men. I love that show because of the fashions not because of lawn mowing secretaries cutting off bosses feet or all the sleeping around nope it's the clothes.

    Also and too I probably need to have my eyes blasphemed or whatever the hell you call it because I have big enough luggage under my eyes to go on a world trip and well the hooding over my eyes looks like I have Gilbert Godfry Eyes instead of Bette Davis Eyes.

  12. Who wrote that Doogie Houser thing...??? NOT good. And while we're on TV. As much as I love Jay Leno and waved to him everyday as he was crossing over the hill for work, wearing that denim shirt, why is he on 5 nights a week still.. I thought he handed it over to Conan, my fourth husband... Do you like this?? Why is this different...?? it feels like the same show.. it's weird.

  13. DId he really get ousted.. I thought he just retired... hence the confusion about his 5 day a week gig, that seems like exactly the same show, with the same band.. I usually have to head upstairs at that point, since I have this grueling workout thing I've started at 6:00 am with my Hungarian friend Nikole....LOL..

  14. ouch! Actually, I don't really give 2 shits about the Emmy's so I concur. lol..

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