Tuesday, September 01, 2009

There's Really Something Wrong With Me And I Blame You

For those of you who have not voted for me in the Blogger's Choice Best Humor Blogs (green patch at top right) I've now dropped to 11th place. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DEADBEATS that I love SOOOOOOO much and who return their love by NOT VOTING FOR ME?

SO, I'll give away one of my new tee shirts for votes. My logo is on a black shirt which is a preshrunk Hanes in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. And has a 500 dollar bill pinned to the label.

There's a caveat; you need to get me as many votes as you can to win a shirt. And that means annoying your friends and who doesn't want to do that? If you've already voted I'll count that towards your final amount. Just tell me what name you voted under, and ask your friends too, and then have people send me their/your email so I can verify who they/you are. (SUZYSOROatAOL.COM)

I want to stay in the top ten.

Whoever gets the most votes for me gets a free shirt. If there's a tie, both (or all) will win. Contest open to U.S. and Canada only because you would not believe how much I've already spent on these shirts. Unless foreigners want to dump postage in my paypal account and then they're eligible. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? These rules are like an SAT test. In German.

This is a shameless, horrifying, really disgusting plug. But I know you won't be shocked by it as I am shameless, horrifying and disgusting. Who else could go from MOTHER GOING BLIND to FREE SHIRTS FOR VOTES?

End of chat.


  1. Wow I'm first. I guess that's the perks of being an insomniac.

    I've never been in the top 10 of anything (unless you count those made up blog award/memes that I really heart, but hold no intrinsic value), so I'm highly impressed.

    I'll go vote for you after I catch a few z's. But really, all you had to do was say please. (Although the t-shirt IS really cool.)

  2. -->I was scared you were going to make me go blind too so I voted for you awhile back.

  3. I voted for you but I admit that I THOUGHT I had but when checked this a.m., found I had not. But I have now. I need more coffee.

  4. Okay I'm a rule follow I voted!!

  5. I don't get those contests - does the voting go on for a year, or what?

  6. Can I vote more than once? I can't remember my username and password so please say no.

  7. Woo hoo a Suzy shirt! I voted with three different accounts, all real people of course, but T and Hus haven't yet voted.
    We want you number 1!

  8. OK, I voted again. Sorry, no friends to bring along though.

  9. Can I just say this?

    YOU do not need a stupid contest to validate that you are a funny girl.

    The only person you have to prove that to is yourself, and of course me. Because it is all about me.

    And? I totally want the t-shirt with, or without, the $500 bill.

  10. Happy to give you my vote!

  11. what lola wants lola gets.

    Lola sent me over, ill go vote for you, plus I am a huge Seinfield fan so I have to vote for you on principle. BUt then again, you did get the last babka...did yours have a hair in it?

  12. Well hells bells woman, I hope your happy. It took me 20 minutes to find the d&^mn password to that site. I voted though, send money soonest!


  13. Well, you got me in there, finally. That site does suck quite a bit. Felt like a mortgage application.

    I'll try on the friend thing, but honestly I think they'll be turned off by the information request. And I won't track who responds and send you their names after they sign up, but hopefully you'll get something out of it.

    Cheers and good luck!


  14. Can I just have the $500 note?

  15. You're such a whore, wanting us to shamelessly pimp you out like that!

    However, I am a fan of the purple velour pimp suit.

  16. $#@@%!! Its says I already voted. I guess I'll have to harass my friends but I am SO ineffectual!
    Who voted for you as the worst blog ever and the most obnoxious blogger??? &^^%$#%^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. oh sweet jesus isn't enough that I voted for you TWELVE MILION TIMES??

    okay. Where's the dog? he can certainly push a button.