Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Dead

Did JFK get this much coverage?

A motorcade to Neverland? Two and a half hours away? I wouldn't travel that far to have sex with George Clooney.

I'm back at my keyboard. I black out when I lie.

I have no idea where I got this picture. Either from one of those grungy old Hollywood Blvd. souvenir shops while I was tripping on E or someone gave it to me as a joke while they were tripping on E.

Either way, it's a picture you rarely see.


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I was thinking the same freaking thing- I'm so sick of this MJ coverage- I mean- he obviously was a pill popping, pedophile who went too far on both sides. And the pedophile thing is the reason why I don't give a shit about this guy. If you pay someone off to get him off your back, you did something wrong.

    Enough already- I don't give a shit what happens just let it rest I'm sick of needles or no needles- WHO GIVES A SHIT? his kids weren't actually from his sperm? Well THAT's A SHOCKER!!! hello? anyone? anyone really thought he had anything to do with those kids biologically? please- and adopting is not a big fucking deal, people do it every day. Oh wait, he didn't adopt but his name is on the BC- WHY ARE THEY DISSECTING EVERYTHING!? (I do feel bad for any kid who loses a parent-I'm not all bitch) and- I know this because I can't get away from it- everywhere I turn EVERYSINGLEMOTHERTRUCKINGDAY they are talking about this idiot and my head will explode if it doesn't stop soon. Pictures with his kids? Well hello!!! I have pictures with my kids! that's what parents do get a life people!

    And then look EdMcMahon - I think he got the least coverage of all- maybe he should have died naked with a bow around his balls or something and still would have gotten 3 days max.

    ps- I dont even think any of our presidents have gotten this coverage.

    pps- you won't catch me dead visiting neverland which will undoubtedly be the new 'graceland'.

    Phiew what a rant! Off my box- should I add the C word in here somewhere?

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    However long the coverage may or may not last, however long people may or may not listen to his music or attempt his dance moves ... You can rest assured that the lives of the poor kids he terrorised will live with the trauma for the rest of their lives and maybe the generations that follow. How awful for those poor people and their families, especially when the freak is idolised.

  3. If you watched PBS Sprout all the time, you would never even hear about it at all. It's total la la land except for the Oxyclean commercials. Which, come to think of it, I haven't seen any of those this week, either.

  4. This just in...
    Michael Jackson...still dead.

  5. I think you got that image off D-listed...

    YESSSS I'm online...and commenting.. it's a freakin' miracle, and might make me say the c word.

    I've been offline for days and it's still goin' on...sneaking onto hubby's computer...god i hate this. Write me I miss you. love, your dearest

  6. I was thinking "I would travel that far to do GC Yummy."

    Then I realized you were temporarily without your mind... lol

    They should stop putting him on a pedastal. I mean where's Billy Mayes' 3 week 24 hour coverage.. as far as we know he has never "alledgedly" molested any child

  7. -->I remember when MJ was still black and used to hang out with Brooke Shields.
    I don't know why people would line up to see his dead body. He's looked morbid for over a decade.

  8. All I can say is Poor Farrah. No one even noticed her departure!

    This MJ thing is getting Freaky. Okay, STAYING freaky.

  9. Has everyone lost their remote? For God's sake, turn off your damn TV or turn the channel!

  10. he's dead? When did this happen?

  11. My 78 year old Dad called me yesterday and said "Hey did you know Michael Jackson died?" I laughed and said "NO!" Then he said "who the HELL is Michael Jackson and why do we care?" Leave it to my dad to call it like it is.

  12. Can'

    I blogged it once - got dragged back in due to obnoxious emails - so I blogged it again. Now I'm done.

    George, on the other hand, I can totally talk, all day. It's his picture you should put on your blog today. He's way more fun to look at than that other guy/girl/thing.

  13. Yes I agree poor Farrah, So, tired of hearing of MJ and Changing the channel only to find more MJ..this is as worse as OJ...done!

  14. it reminds me of that old Saturday night live skit, where they were announcing the death of that crazy dictator over and over. Chevy Chase did the bit, i think. What was the guys' name???

    damn. that's gonna drive me crazy.

  15. have NO clue who they are, nor do i care :O lol

  16. Interesting how news media works. Since no one has gotten bombed, (that they are allowed to talk about) in the past week, no other famous person has committed a crime, this seems to me to be a groveling for news stories.

    It's like way back when Flipper, and black and white TV shows were all there were and the president would come on to say something, every channel stopped and turned.
    Reminder to the media: Let the man go. You jumped into his life when he needed privacy, you called him out when he did BAD THINGS. MJ is DEAD. . . Gone. . . .kicked the bucket. . . bought the farm. . . (sorry that's from Patch Adams movie). Let him RIP.

  17. it was just so amusing today (over the radio) to hear the priest proclaim to the congregation that it was the MEDIA that made him 'bad' and that "WE know him coz we were with him every step of the way"?!! I was wondering when God would send that lightning bolt!

  18. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I believe you would travel as far away as Duluth for a rendezvous with George Clooney, maybe even Schenectady. BTW, I am exceptionally pissed that they are calling him MJ. Hello, that is my moniker! He is supposed to be Jacko! (But it will soon fade and I will be MJ again.) Also, PBS is the answer. Last night was a special on the history of TV comedy.
    Martha Jane (the real MJ)

  19. Let me say that this is my first time here. Didn't know anything about your blog when I came. Then I read this line:

    "A motorcade to Neverland? Two and a half hours away? I wouldn't travel that far to have sex with George Clooney."

    and almost choked on my fat girl carrot lunch. This is the funniest thing I've heard all day. So thanks. I'll be back- but next time I'll make sure not to be eating anything...oh wait...I'm always eating...

  20. I would travel to Lake Como to have sex with George Clooney. At my own expense.

    I will always love Brooke Shields for making my eyebrows acceptable.

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