Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Wonder Who's Kissing You Now

I love you guys and am totally prepared to sleep with all of you.

Although I have a serious case of the hiccups, which leaves certain bedroom activities really challenging. Keep your hand cream handy. H A N D Y.

Anyway, I've ordered some tee shirts which I know will turn out beautifully. I'm using my guy Tom Haines at Standup Stuff, who has done tees for me before. He's got a great eye and will share with you details you never thought of. Like adding sleeves.

They're black with my logo on the front. Here's what I need from you. I've ordered S, M, L and XL. Will that cover your needs? If not and you want bigger, let me know.

They're Hanes pre-shrunk so they won't shrink in the washer or the river where your RV is parked.

I'll let you know when they arrive and I'm trying to price them as low as I can without losing my apartment. I'm so grateful that you follow me and have pumped up my votes to 110 I could kiss you all with tongue. If I had one.

End of chat.


  1. I've never had a Junior Mint and I don't wear t-shirts. Can I still play?

  2. Very few bedroom activities aren't improved by a bout of hiccups.

    Unless you're on your own that is . . .

  3. No tongue?! Totally not worth it! ;o) But the hiccup thing sounds interesting...

    I wear a small, so you've got me covered, Lady. Do I get to wear your face on my chest?

  4. Linebacker shoulders here would like a large, please.

  5. You've got me covered in the size department. Can't wait til they are ready to go!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. no shoulders all tits. What size would that be?

    Oh and as for tongues? As Madeline Kahn said in Young Frankenstein "No tongues" "Love you dahling".

  8. Hey, Gladys and I have the same shape! We need V-necks.

  9. big can you get them? I they come in "Seriously Huge"?

    I'm not kidding...3X or 5X are what I wear now, when I wear a shirt, which is usually when I'm going to sleep...

    Maybe one day I'll fit into an XL again...sigh...

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who doesn't tongue kiss on the first date)

  10. If you were on FB you would know that I had a terrifying experience on the 405 last night. Since you're not . .

    I plan on going down a size any day now.

  11. Hmmm...I'll take a size medium, without the hiccups. I might take a t-shirt too.


  12. Kyddryn and I are in the same category. And we tongue kiss all the time.

  13. I'm not generally a lesbian but I might give you a hug, maybe touch your hair or kiss your cheek...
    I'll draw the line somewhere.
    I'm between a med and large.
    Will you have another Xmas contest to give one away!!!?

  14. Yvette4:09 AM

    Love you Suze...just bring the mints. XXL for me, the girls like their freedom.

  15. But waht if I fall into the creek behind my house? Will I still be okay?! It's not a river 'ya know... If that's safe then I'll be good with a medium :)

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