Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let's Begin, Shall We?

This is my car.
This is Leslie's car.
This is the street behind my apartment.

This is the road behind Leslie's house. And the first person who says that road looks peaceful and bucolic gets a long distance hit on them from the mob. After I meet someone from the mob.

What's the ONE item from hell that I can't do? STAIRS. Leslie's house has 478 stairs. What's the other thing I don't do well? COLD WEATHER. It was 19 degrees in her town. What do I like to do inside? BE WARM. Leslie's husband and my father and every man on the planet keeps the thermostat at 60 degrees, in a big 4 bedroom house. They said otherwise their monthly bill would be $500. Who do I make the check out to?

More to come after I fold myself into the oven and warm up to 45 degrees.

End of chchchchat.


  1. That is why we live in California. So you don't have to wear jackets in the house to be warm.

    Jackets are for outside - not for trying to survive frost bite on your sofa. Just sayin'.

  2. Yuck! It was 10 degrees here the other day and I had to go grocery shopping and I forgot my gloves.

  3. We keep our house at 72-74 degrees, everytime my husband steps out the door or until he says,
    Did someone turn up the heat?".

    I'm with you, I'll work a parttime job to pay the electric bill.

  4. I can see why it might not have been so HOT. I don't think that road looks bucolic. I'm not sure what that means... Is it a disease?

  5. I'm still just freaking out over how cool it is that you can see the Hollywood sign from the street behind your house. I'm such a touron. (is that how that word is spelled. No idea. You get it, though.)

  6. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Fire up the freezer and open all the doors! Leslie's place ROCKS!

    You suck, Soro! Get some iron tablets inya and enjoy the weather the way the baby jesus meant it to be!

    Boss O xxxx

  7. touron...THE perfect word.

    Boss are mental AND NEVER GETTING MY CHAIR EVER unless I shove it in with that child you CLAIM to be pregnant with.

  8. Anonymous5:14 AM

    "AND NEVER GETTING MY CHAIR EVER unless I shove it in with that child you CLAIM to be pregnant with."

    Goodo, it'll go with the chaise the little bugger already has in there... I'm fucken HUGE!!!!! (er)

    Boss O xxxo

  9. Is that a boot on your car? That's not good.

    I'm with you on cold. I spend the winter bundled in blankets--in San Diego.

  10. MMMMMMM winter! We are going to be at a sweltering 52 degrees on Sunday. I'd wear a bikini but I have that stomach I talked about earlier.

  11. Ha! Larry and I have our roles reversed. He puts the thermostat up, I put it down.

  12. Anonymous7:47 PM