Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Day Of Harmony

A few weeks ago Jenny and her mom went scuba diving and I got Miss Harmony for the day. She's part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell and, like all mutts, very smart. She ran ahead of me while we went down the 3582 stairs. Then by the second set she went down one by one. She could see I had trouble. The second time we went for a walk she went down behind me, realizing I was struggling. Once outside I accidentally dropped her leash and it took me 3 steps to realize it and when I turned back in a panic, she was staring at me, waiting.

My sister's Shih-tzu, Yoshi, runs ahead of you on stairs and then gets to the sidewalk and decides to nap. Sometimes we have to drag him and he never goes where you want him to go. But when he stares at you, as he does often with me, it's cause he knows there's something wrong. And not just in my head.

Remember that old folks home in the news a while back? It had a cat that would lay in the bed of the next person to die. Yoshi slept like that in one of my sister's neighbors beds and she died the next day. When he comes near me while I'm lying down I use a fly swatter to keep him away.

Anyway, Harmony spent all day curled up in a ball until I caught her doing this behind my back:

"Where the hell is my mommy?"

"Mommy, are you there? It's me, Harmony, and I'd like to come home now. Call me back when you get this message. PLEASE!"

She fell asleep waiting for Jenny to call her back.

End of nap.


  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Awww there's a puppy on my chair. Hey puppy!

    Lucky it wasn't a cat.

    Boss O xxxx

  2. She is the perfect dog. Beautiful.

  3. What a precious pup! I love that she's so intuitive!

  4. I love animals. It's so nice to have a sweet puppy as a visitor.

  5. Anonymous11:02 AM

    It's possible that your sister's pooch might be a cat trapped in a dog's body. The lying down and refusing to walk sounds very feline to me.
    Martha Jane ("mother" of 2 cats)

  6. Boss, you're just jealous cuz you've only got CHILDREN.

    gm, Susan and Merecat: is it wrong to steal a friend's dog?

    MJ we agree with you. Yoshi never does what you tell him to do. Once I told him to 'stay' and my sister laughed for a full minute.

  7. I taught my cat a new trick - I tell her to ignore me, and she does.


    What a sweet little dog. One of these days, I may unbend and let T and the Evil Genius go get a dog from the pound...but not today.

    I love dogs, just not the work involved, and good dogs deserve good humans, right?

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  8. OMG...OMG....OMG...I am laughing so hard my abs hurt! Thank you, I won't work out this evening. Suz, what a treat to read this and see how intuitive YOU are. My poochie and I are so lucky to have you...ok, I'm laughing again...


  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwww what an adorable pup!

  10. Wow so you mean it's not just Hollywood myth, dogs actually DO talk on phones in LA?? Hooly dooly...

  11. Wow so you mean it's not just Hollywood myth, dogs actually DO talk on phones in LA?? Hooly dooly...

  12. Anonymous4:01 AM

    note to self- don't let suzy babysit my newborn...he he

  13. Anonymous7:47 PM