Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Nice Annoying Weekend Like Every Other

Remember when I lost my Chanel sunglasses? Well, wherever they are, they took my Blog Roll with them. I can't even find the widget in the layout. Before you accuse me of being careless and retarded you should know that I am.

Monday I have a doctor's appointment with my Dermatologist to check this weird thing. At the top of my ear, it hurts. Who else gets dumb shit like that on parts of the body you never touch? So I was all calm about it until I lost my Blog Roll. That triggered an OMG I'VE GOT 5 SECONDS TO LIVE and that was BEFORE I watched Farrah's Story last night.

The first and only time I saw her was one night at the Improv on Melrose. I didn't even know she was there but I saw a group of men crowded around someone. That's not too unusual because it's a giant boy's club. But I went to look so I could bad mouth them later to all the funny chick comics like Tommy James and they were around Farrah, who was sitting by herself. She quietly signed autographs and let her picture be taken over and over but there was something off about the situation. Like the time I was with Lucille Ball in that elevator and couldn't talk after I saw what she did.

I wrote about it in November of 2006 and they said she was diagnosed in September of that year unless I'm going deaf from the weird hurty ear top.

During the show she kept repeating that she just wanted her life back and I've been saying that about my own life since last summer. Mine is getting there and I hope Farrah gets that chance.

Love the one you're with. Or bash them over the head and run like hell. Your choice.

End of chat.


  1. Seriously, where is your blogroll?
    I am sick with a cold so my weekend is sucking already.
    I watched Farrah a little last night until I was rudely interupted by my sick child and I had to change it to cartoons.

  2. Must be great being a dermatologist. Your patients never get any better and rarely die, so they keep coming back for treatment.

    Perhaps the ear-problem is a reaction to a lack of Chanel shades.

  3. Go to Layout, Add a Gadget, and then Blog List... That will get you where you need to be. Now whether there's anything there?! That's a different can of worms entirely. I'm guessing you're gonna have to re-link them all. sucks to be you right now -- ear thing aside...

  4. I didn't watch Farrah because I knew it would depress the hell out of me. I'm careful with myself like that.

    Sorry about your hurty ear.

  5. You got me. I'm off to clicky-click for Lucille.

  6. Sorry about your ear issue and blogroll issue. I'm not techi but it's there somewhere probably withyour glasses.
    Hope your weekend is improving.

  7. yeah, I watched it. sniff sniff.

    Cancer is a mother fucker and death is a BASTARD. I am trying to be very elusive and uncatchable. I hope they both leave me ALONE.

  8. I couldn't watch it because of the spoiler ET let out of her reading the letter to her son..couldn't go through that...too sad ... no the outcome!

    Add me back Suzy this is becoming a habit for you..LOL

    Hope you ear is better.. I SAID I HOPE YOU EAR GETS BETTER LOL

  9. I'm at the point where I just wish I had A life back ... anybody's life.

    Sorry about the ear thing. If it's any consolation, the bottom of my left foot between my big toe and "this little piggy stayed home" has become numb. Probably from wearing nothing but flip-flops for 3 months, although it has been about 4 different pairs.

  10. I couldn't watch it.

    Today was the funeral of a good friend of mine. Breast cancer, remission, recurrence, remission, brain tumor. Not fair.

  11. I didn't watch because I'd like to believe that people don't give a crap about fame when they're dying. I'm wrong, I know.

    My mom was in an elevator with Farrah and her hair in 1976.

  12. Have you gotten any sort of ransom note? Perhaps it isn't missing. Maybe it was TAKEN. There's some paranoia for you

  13. Oh, honey, don't worry. You're just growing your third ear. No big deal at all.

  14. It's a pimple. See, I just diagnosed you and it didn't cost you one cent.

  15. Suzy glad your seeing the dermotologist. I had some melanoma removed last summer from various body parts and it's not fun. I am now officially the whitest woman in the world. No more tanning for me. I guess all those years of slathering my body in baby oil and laying on a bed of aluminum foild has finally caught up with me.

    Oh and I miss you blogroll more than your Chanel sunglasses. You would never let me borrow them so it's Karma.

  16. Sorry about the hurty think on your ear. I'm sort of a hypochondriac but usually refuse to go to the doctor because I know they won't find anything wrong and then I'll look like a fool.
    Anyway....forgot to watch the Farrah special. I wanted to. But my husband said (and I agreed), he didn't want to watch someone dying of cancer. His mother did, he saw it in person, my mother died of a brain tumor - I lived that for 8 weeks. Yeah, we've had enough-don't want to watch someone else go through it.

  17. oh you are hilarious. I love it. A lot.