Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Daily Occurence

When this is in your backyard:

You see this from your second story window every day:

And can hear them talking about the weirdo in the second floor window who only has on a black bra and edible panties:
And then I take a picture of them taking a picture of the Hollywood sign and throw my underwear out the window.

Just to keep the United States's stellar image up.

End of chat.


  1. My eyes!

    My eyes!

    My beautiful eyes!

    The Crowd in Poozy's Post xxx

  2. Anonymous3:42 AM

    you know- when I went to LA I saw almost everything...I say almost because we never did see the Hollywood sign...weird.

  3. I love the view from your window - So green... And your bra, so black! :) You are a woman after my own heart, after putting in new windows and a new door (more glass) in my home, I found myself, as usual, scrabbling for a pair of undies from the clean pile of clothes in my laundry room, while now having to smile winningly at a tradesman, trying to knock at the door to get my attention! Oh dearie me!

  4. That sign? Common as shit. But that crowd? They KNOW it's Suzy Soro's apartment.

  5. Heh heh. Edible panties yay!
    It really looks pretty and green on your street.

  6. Thank you for having the common decency to wear edible undies and (I'm sure) a fabulous black bra. If you were wearing granny panties and an industrial strength Cross Your Heart bra, well, that would truly have been the end of tourism in this country as we know it.

  7. edible panties? So actually, it's your little way of helping the homeless- and the hungry.....

  8. You're such a generous woman. They would have to pay an unforgivable cover charge otherwise. Way to go, Suzy, for doing your part.

  9. But wait! You have major sugar issues! You should have let them have the bra and kept the edible panties...you're going to be jonesing by noon!

  10. Yet another reason I want to live in Hollywood. That and the fact it's frickin' cold where I am.

    Spring. Hardy har har.

  11. See what I mean about Boss O?

    Mrs. K, I TOOK this apt because I could see it every day!

    Woman, a women after my own heart!

    Braja, ALL the Japanese pass by my apt. I'm on the tour. (3 of them)

    gm, you're the one with all the green.

    God I would rather wear no panties than those giant gross ones.

    Vodka Mom, EGGZACTLY

    Susan, ummmmmmm SUGAR.

    Humorsmith, COME ON DOWN. OVER? UNDER?

  12. Wait! Those are furriners? How come THEY can afford to travel to the Hollywood and I can't?

  13. "And you can't be funny unless you lie." Hmmm. I don't know -- it's more like Vodka Mom says -- you can't make this shit up.

    Unless it was black panties and an edible bra.

  14. What a pretty, pretty street. I stand there all day, too!

  15. Hey, at least you gave them a snack for later.
    Edible undies are delish!

  16. Good onya. Or offya as it seems.

  17. You've got to love crowds of Japanese tourists. No one can math their enthusiasm--or Hello Kitty accessories.

  18. Ok that was hilarious!!!