Tuesday, March 01, 2011

And She Loves Steve Martin!

Remember when all your new friends came from blogging? Facebook and Twitter have changed that.
And that's how March's Teeshirter and I crossed paths. Twitter.

I'd been reading this blog for years and so had this person. When one person follows you on Twitter, all their readers eventually start following you and vice versa. Your circle of friends balloons exponentially and soon you're up to your eyeballs in a whole new set of friends.

Then these three people mentioned above entered the Erma Bombeck Writing Contest and the global winner? Right here on this page.

In December she bought a tee shirt but Pay Pal never sent me the notification. She wrote me and I drove the tee shirt over to the Valley, which is only about 20 minutes from my place. We had coffee and ran into this guy from NBC Dateline TV. Not so much *ran into* as me motioning him with my finger to come over to us.

Josh Mankiewicz from Dateline NBC.

Then a psycho guy kept staring at me and I forced this poor woman to accompany me to the ladies room so the guy wouldn't attempt to bother me. I'm very mature and enjoy reliving junior high every chance I get.

So tonight, in an effort to distract me from what's going on in my life, (that I can't talk about), she's taking me to see Joan Rivers.

DO YOU SEE WHY I LOVE TWITTER? Now go follow her blog. And follow her on Twitter too!


  1. Oh, how I love that story.

    And how I love that she's taking you to see Joan Rivers.

    I am missing so much not being in California.

    Awesome story, Suzy...

  2. Also, when I first began with blogging, I somehow found a post ont he Erma Bombeck writing Contest. I read all the entries, and thought, "WOW. So much talent and wit."

  3. I am Hella impressed by her winning that contest.

  4. got no time, but you go ahead w/o me :P lol

  5. Ok, I hate to be the one to point this out. But there is something weird going on over at Barb's blog. Like she has a redirect to the URL for Where Hot Comes To Die.

    Please tell me I'm wrong. Because I am jealous. I want to go see Joan Rivers.

  6. Wish I knew you delivered, I would have requested it for mine. We could have hit a casino or two (or three). Not for the gambling, but for the sitting at the bar watching people.

  7. Steve Martin and I were married in 1976. He doesn't KNOW it, but we were.

    and I never agreed to the divorce.

  8. Oooh, enjoy Joan Rivers. I'm jumping to follow Barb!

  9. found u thru david mc. you are awesome. thanx for being alive!

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