Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Not Even Big Charlie Sheen Money

Those of you who know me from Twitter know what's going on in my life. Those of you who aren't on Twitter don't know. I'm not going to discuss it here, and if you know what's going on, do NOT leave a comment that references it. I can't figure out how to close comments in Blogger which is sad because hello, it's Blogger.

Just suffice it to say that it's:

A. Not funny
B. Has made me physically ill

A bleeding ulcer to be exact. A bad one. My doctor says to reduce the stress in my life or I'll end up in a hospital. It's really hateful to see what some people will do to others in the name of money. And not even big Charlie Sheen money.

But great news! California's taxes just jumped to 10.25%. We also have the highest gas prices in the nation.

We're number 1!
We're number 1!

When this is all over I'll tell you how Angelina Jolie stepped in to help me, why Us Magazine contacted me, how the people on Twitter SAVED MY LIFE on a day I was so despondent over what was happening to me that I didn't think I would make it another hour and how I hope my high blood pressure doesn't kill me. If it does, contact one of my attorneys and go for Wrongful Death. Trust me, you'll win. Just be sure my mother gets a large cut or I'll never hear the end of it.

Although I won't actually be around to hear it.


  1. When Angelina Jolie steps in to help you, I'd appreciate if you could have her people call my people.

    Also, if you could get me my own people, that would be a better first step.

    Hang in.

  2. -->I'm thinking about you and all your ailments. No, I'm not referring to your mother.

    Feel free to call me while I'm at work because you know how busy I am here. *cough*


    (In blogger, click under the text box on post options to not allow comments.)

  3. I don't know what is going on because I tried Twitter for a week and hated it more than I hate blue cheese and salmon. But sending you good interwebs thoughts nonetheless.

  4. I LOVE bleu cheese and salmon!

    Heart goes out to you Suzy. Try to take yourself out of the situation a little each day. We need you here.


  5. I love you, Suzy.

    To turn off comments, when you write your post, at the bottom, to the left it says "options" You hit Allow or Not Allow for comments.

    I'm on blogger, that's what it looks like.

    We love you.

  6. I love you, and we think of you more than 5 times a day here.


  7. i miss you too, suzy!

    i'm too old and set in my ways to take a whole two minutes to learn how to use twitter, so i'm sorry i haven't kept up. but please do take care of yourself and come back to bloggerland, it isn't the same without you!

  8. Suzy, I am so sorry you are ailing. I hope you are back to your feisty self soon.

  9. xo

    I, for one, cannot wait to hear those "after" stories. Because they sound hilarious.

    Well, plus, it'll mean this shit is all done with for you.

  10. I've kind of lost my faith in people lately. It seems like everyone else is out for themselves, and these people are always trying to take advantage of everybody else. Yeah, it's like everyone is hustling. It's dog eat dog. And I don't want to have to play hard ball all the time. But goddammit, I will, if people force me to. And I know you will too. Stay strong and take care. xx

  11. These are crazy times we're living in. If you figure out how to reduce the stress you can package it, market it and all your problems will be solved.

  12. You are amazing. Just know that.

  13. Mizz Suzy, I don't Twitter so I'm clueless...but if you need me to witch somebody for you, you've got my e-mail. Hugs to ya if you want 'em...and there's always room for one more at Casa de Crazy if you have to take it on the lam. Also, I know some terrific ways/places to hide a body. Just sayin'...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  14. Congrats on being #1. Vegas still beats you in unemployment and home repos, we are #1 in those.

  15. Well, goddamnit.

  16. I want you to come here. I'm buying.

  17. Even if I have to SELL MY SOUL to get you a ticket.


  18. something to help ease your ulcer: buy some cabbage, juice it [with some carrot to sweeten it], and drink... really

    as for stress... i'm sure you know what to do

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