Thursday, January 24, 2008

Joke's On Me

In case you didn't know this, comedians make jokes about tragedies seconds after they've occurred. It's our job. Remember the Challenger in 1986? With Crista McAuliffe on board? About 12 seconds after it blew up, a comic called me and said, "What was the last thing Crista said on board the Challenger?" Thinking this was some real news I breathlessly asked "What?" And he said, "What does this red button do?"

So this week's tragedy about Heath Ledger, who had a rolled-up twenty dollar bill on him because that's how all movie stars keep their money, garnered this Best Dead Joke Award sent all the way from Hawaii by Martha Jane.

"Heath Ledger was found dead in Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment. He starved to death since there was no food in the house."

And in other ridiculous news, remember how I made fun of these ugly things?
Handbags with little coin purses piggybacked to them? Oh how we all laughed.

Well I'm not laughing now. Two of my favorite designers showed these in February's Bazaar.

I will not be snapping anything but my wallet shut.

End of chat.


  1. I still think it looks like a scrotum on the front. I am not in need of a scrotum bag.

  2. Eileen, now why wouldn't you want a scrotum bag?

  3. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Because you would need balls to wear a scrotum bag...

  4. Are these the same designers who first came up with cargo pants? ("Hey, let's just slap a shit-pot-full of pockets on the outside!")

  5. They look like old lady bags--coin purse for bus fair, kleenex and church offering envelope, with a tote attached to carry their Depends.

  6. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Modern fashion always makes me go hmmm!

  7. *snicker snicker*
    *snicker snicker snicker*

    -emma 1916-2005

  8. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Ack, those bags are hideous!

  9. Anonymous7:43 PM

    C'est tres buttugly. Further evidence that designers think we're idiots.

  10. Anonymous7:44 PM

    ps: awesome MKO joke!

  11. I still hate the bags - love the 20 dollar bill joke, though!

  12. Makes me love my $3.00 brand new thrift store purchase even sweeter.

    Thanks for boosting my bag ego.