Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Even Tom Brady Needs A Coach

L.A. is full of actors who have suddenly found themselves staring down the barrel of a gun to pay bills and survive. WGA is on strike and that means no old shows and worse, no new shows. Over 60 shows in various stages of development have been dropped by the studios. The Oscars are hanging by a thread and mortgage payments are on hold everywhere except at Steven Spielberg's house. Many actors do other jobs to support themselves so here are some of the faces workin' it!This is Lauri Johnson, my Life Coach. She's done everything from offbeat films like Waitress, Laurel Canyon and For Your Consideration to every major sitcom and one hour drama of the last ten years. And the best part is that she started at the age of 43. It never occurred to her that she wouldn't make it because before acting she was a very successful corporate honcho. One of my favorite 'Lauri' memories is when she once asked me a question about standup and I replied "I don't know." She narrowed her eyes and said, "Yes you do. EVERYONE knows." She was right. I did know.

So next time you don't think you know whether you should quit your job, husband, wife, whatever, you do know. EVERYONE knows!

Here are some of the actors who showed up at the free seminar Lauri gave recently to help us survive this drought.
David Jaye - Commercial Actor

Daytime Job - Wescom Credit Union

Shari Rhone - Actor/Singer. Lion King Los Angeles. Bands: Proud Mary, Soulicious and Bella Donna.

Daytime Job - Disneyland Maintenance Choreographer

Jennifer Slimko - Actor. Infomercials: Hip Hop Abs, iRoomba,Voom. Spokesperson: Inflight TV, all major airlines. See her link for her acting demo reel and amazing photographs.

Daytime Job - Healthcare Practitioner


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    When can the life coach come to Honolulu?
    Martha Jane

  2. I agree, we do know, but sometimes the knowledge is buried too deep so it might take a while to find it.
    I could definitely use a life coach. Has she written any books?

  3. MJ, probably if you pay her ticket?

    gm, no books that I know of but she does online coaching as well as in person. The best thing is that she only gives 4 sessions. $100 a session. She thinks if you can't figure it out in 4 sesssions then she can no longer help you. Mercifully, we all figure it out because she's that good!

  4. I've got various fingers and toes crossed for everyone in the biz and hope this can be resolved soon.

  5. Jennifer Slimko's dress? Bossy must have!

  6. Eileen, everyone thanks you for your support. I speak for everyone because I am everyone.

    Bossy, I asked her to email you. (she's one of my dear, dear friends) You should see her dog. She could fit in your Dane's pocket.

  7. Bossy...dress is from the one and only...ROSS. Got it two weeks ago. It cost $19. Score right? The brand is Ruby Rox.

  8. Great post... i do wish this thing would get resolved too to the writer's benefit of course).

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