Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two More Days Added Because I Can Do What I Want

The pet contest pictures were due by tomorrow but I'm extending it to Monday. I have been such a wreck over this MRI, the results of which I get this afternoon, that I haven't put together the order for the pics to be viewed. I don't think that makes sense but you know what I mean. My stomach is in the shape of a pretzel and wrapped around my neck.

First place picks either the baseball cap or the set of 6 blank notecards with envelopes.

Remember, all pics will be posted anonymously. You can enter as many times as you want.

I'm sitting here at my computer watching TV and they're discussing the movie Awake. Where the guy is conscious during his surgery. Terence Howard said this happens in one out of 8 surgeries. I'm afraid I'm going to need surgery on my foot. FUCKING great.

I think I'll add a third place prize for this contest. That will be you standing in the O.R. and making sure I don't wake up during my surgery.

End of chat.


  1. Prize? Heck, I'd do that fer free...jes' lemme find my hammer and I'll be right there. If ya wanna make double-sure you're unconscious, I'll bring a tater sack, too...worked real good with them cats we had to git shed of.

    : )

    Hope the news is good.

    Grace & Peace,

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Thanks Mark.

  3. On the bright side, if you have to get surgery while you're awake it will give you a chance to flirt with any hot doctors in the room.

  4. Good - so Bossy has two more days to fail you miserably. She will try to get the dog photo together, she will try...

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Since you have that rule thingie about not stealing other people's photos, I won't be participating. But I think whoever wins needs to model your cute baseball cap on their blog.

  6. I tried getting a goofy photo of Lulu but she's the most awesome prettiest kitty in the solar system so it was impossible. :(

  7. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I wanna watch the surgery!!! I'll bring a big stick to make sure you don't wake up... Now quit being a big titt baby, your foot's gonna be fine.

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