Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Geek Alert

New York Magazine has a section every week called 'Best Bets' and I found this listing and sent a scan of it to Howard, who lives in New York. When he was here in October, he was in a rental car with his cell phone. He called me from about 20 minutes away from my place and said to quickly give him directions because his cell phone was dying.

If you knew Howard you'd realize this is just his typical behavior. Charge your phone at your hotel at LAX, an hour away from L.A. proper, then get in a rental car and use your cell all day and then when it's almost dead, call your dinner date for instructions on how to get to her house and freak her out that she's all dressed up for NOTHING because your cell phone will die and you will be forced back to your LAX hotel while she'll have to call Pizza Hut.

Since I tend to be dyslexic with right and left, not to mention the two middle numbers of any string of numbers, I was talking slowly to make sure I didn't screw up.

"Q-Ball, talk faster." A lot of people over the years have called me Q, in reference to Suzy Q. But Howard has called me Q-Ball since I met him. He says it's because in pool, the cue ball breaks the pack. I don't know if that's a veiled diss or a passive-aggressive compliment. Either way, I'm Q-Ball to Howard.

"I can't talk faster, I'm trying to remember how to get you here."
"For God's sakes, you live here, don't you know how to get to your own place?"
"I do when the person I'm talking to is not yelling at me and you know, all MEAN and shit."

So when I saw this cell phone charger gizmo, I thought Howard might want it. He emailed me and said he was going to buy it but again, it's Howard, so it could be years before that happens. And yes, he made it to my house that night.

Anyway, I was just wondering if the whole world knows about this or if I'm just the last to know.

End of.....hello? I'm out of juice...helllllllo?? chat.


  1. Hello,
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  2. I've seen disposable rechargers available for about $6, but this is a much better deal. Then again, a second battery only costs about $30 so I suppose that's the best way to go. However, that would take away my best excuse for getting off the phone with people so I'll just stick with what I've got.

  3. Gee, now that the phones have actually gotten small enough to carry without a lot of hassle, we get to start carrying a bunch of shit to go with 'em. How about just charging the damned thing or at worst, having a car charger?

    Jenee - you can always lie about the battery going dead even if it isn't.

    Catamari - if you tell everybody about it, it isn't a secret anymore, is it?

  4. Funny story about Howard! I am suprised he didn't already have one.

  5. Jami- I already lie about my battery going dead but if word got out that I had a spare then the lie would get that much longer: "My battery's dying and...yes, I know I have a spare but that doesn't have any juice either because I was whoring around town last night and didn't charge them."

    I really need to learn how to just say, "Gotta go. Bye."

  6. Anonymous8:21 PM

    This should've been on O's Favorites show. Did you see it? I especially enjoyed the women who jumped up and praised Jesus when they found out they were all getting nine gourmet cupcakes.

    Anyway, I want one of these in my stocking.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Suz!

  7. How about just charging the damned thing or

    Too ez, lol

    Suz- Everybody knows about vibrators so why not chargers. Set it on "pulse"- woo woo


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