Friday, November 09, 2007

My Annoying Christmas Pet Contest

The submissions have started to trickle in and you guys are a dark and disturbed bunch of people with one hell of an imagination. Me likey.

The contest is to dress your pet (live, dead, stuffed or virtual) for Christmas and send me the jpg before December 1. I will start posting them on December 10 and pick a winner before Christmas. I've added a second place prize and I'm guessing that due to the holiday pile-up at the Post Office, the winners should have the goods by March.

The photos must be original, not swiped from someone's website or Flickr.


  1. OK, my entry should be in your inbox now. NO! Not THAT box! EMAIL, lady! Email!

    And if it shows up on someone's website or anywhere else in the world, then this world is even weirder than I thought ... and that would make it it totally fucking bizarre!

  2. I am soooo looking forward to this.

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    The cats are really feeling the pressure now. They may try and use the Writer's Guild strike as an excuse to flake out, as they are relying on me to "write" their entry (as they don't have opposable thumbs, which is required to hold a pen or the space bar on a computer). But I'm working on them....
    Martha Jane

  4. You should have 3 catagories
    How cute
    What the @#*(
    You Need Help
    Prepare the flood gates!

    Oh by the way I will send my pets photo, go fgure.

  5. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Jami, thanks for submitting.

    Jess, I expect to see something from you?

    mj, there are actually many cats walking the picket lines so yours are not lying to you.

    helping-pets, I'd love to have 3 categories but I'm already struggling with just one!

  6. I just can't think of a good costume. I mean, how do you dress up a reindeer?

  7. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Diesel, some of the entries so far don't even have costumes. It's what they did around the animals that was Christmassy.