Friday, June 12, 2009

I'd Like Your Help

I'm posting this email I got without permission because as we all know, I always do the opposite of appropriate.

But I'm posting it for 2 reasons:
1. For the bloggers who leave no emails on their profiles or don't link their names so we can't find you easily.
2. For the bloggers who take time out of their busy lives to respond to their readers because otherwise they'll have to clean the house.
3. To avoid the answering within the comments which I never go back to read because I read over 200 plus blogs.
4. Have stopped checking the little Send me followups button because no one ever answers my questions, not even the blog owners.
5. Because I want to share the love.
6. (lie).
7. Because the email makes me look good. dingdingding, we have a winner!
8. 8 reasons. I can't shut up once I get going.

Subj: You know what I love about you?
Date: 6/13/2009 4:23:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: A reader

You have time for your fans! I used to follow another comedian, I won't name names, I commented on every blog she posted and she NEVER replied to me. it's a shame really, because she's pretty funny. I read your comment on my daughter's blog and it just made me smile! Thank you for being so down to earth!

Abbie left me one of the most compelling it-happened-to-me-too comments on Friday's post. When I replied to her privately I came across her website, written about her daughter, who has Hep C and needs a liver transplant. I know a lot of people out there can relate to this or are going through the agony of waiting for transplantation so I'm hoping you'll stop by her website and send some love and then pass it around the internet. Her daughter has two children so mothers, start your engines.

And for fans of teenagers! Why is no one's hand up? But you'll all cheer for this one. She made 3 short videos and posted them on Brickfish. So in the spirit of helping fellow bloggers go vote for this kid's vids. There's NO signing up just click and Dairy Queen Double Serve comes through your screen and directly into your mouth. There are 8 days left to vote. You remember when you were a teenager and life sucked and you were in the band and chess club and wore coke bottle eye glasses and then you WON something, like a spanking? Do me a favor, go vote for this sweetheart and let's get her a win. All 3 of her vids are just so touching and you can vote every 8 hours!! For all three of them.

Thanks kids.

End of chat.


  1. You're awesome! And omg is there something in the air because I swear this is like the kazillionth post I've read that mentions people not enabling their emails address in comments. Yes, kazillionth. No wonder my apartment is a mess.

  2. Its your realtor friend.

    Okay, so now you're pretty, funny, a medium AND down to earth?

    Well all of this may be true, but I blame you for the first Big Mac I've eaten in twenty years.


  3. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Abbie is beautiful....and her mother's love comes through.

    I'll be sure to vote, too.

  4. I faithfully followed all your instructions--and why not, I trust you!

  5. holy SHIT!!! We are connected PSYCHICALLY.

    I don't believe we posted almost the SAME TOPIC. Sweet jesus, have we checked out Braja? Is she on the same wavelength too??

  6. Anonymous5:06 PM

    No permission needed ;P Thanks for everything!

    I will go check abby's blog Thank you for bringer her plight to our attention.

  7. You and Vodka mom must be drinking out of the same glass today. ;o)

  8. Anonymous6:41 PM


  9. Done and done.
    The reason I don't enable my email is because it is my sister's. See, we used my computer and her address to set up our blog about our China trip. Then when I started my blog in January it just latched on to her email somehow. Hell, I don't know about all the blog world intricacies.
    My email is
    I have stories to tell!
    There is definitely another side.

  10. Hey, I appreciate the help!

    You rock!

  11. I swear I voted!! And have my email on my blog etc...

  12. Sure, the email makes you look good but the comedian whose blog she used to read is probably me. I figure if someone really wants a response from me, there will be a question mark in there somewhere. Right? Right????????

  13. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Jenee.. rest assured it is not you. I WILL go check you out though

  14. I love kids/teenagers........I am on my way to vote now!

  15. LOL that is great! But you knew that already! Happy to be home and playing catch go girl ;-))

  16. christ, did I forget to vote? I'm heading over. I don't want you to kick my ass or anything....

  17. That is really sweet!

  18. Just 3 Things...

    1. Do you know Ellen?
    2. Do you ever come to Raleigh NC and perform at 'Charlie Goodnights'?
    3. How do you get your pic to be so "air-brushed"?

  19. I'm on it like white on lice. Wait that's not right. White on frites? Oh whatever I voted.

  20. I love a down-to-earth comedienne who responds to all her comments. I'll check out your links. :)

  21. I too think you're just great coz you have responded to every one of my comments with an email..
    I won't forget the email you sent me when I was feeling down!! Thank you so much!!

  22. Yay to using your powers for good, not evil, and yay for making everyone attach their silly email addresses to their comments so we can reply more easily! Look at you - changing the world one blog post at a time!