Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Endless Boredom of TV

Every channel has the Laker's victory parade. Even though I'm over hating Kobe for being such a prick that Shaq left the Lakers and I think Phil Jackson is God I'M really not interested in the parade route and drunk kids yelling "Kobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." I don't understand why crowds don't form when I walk down the street and yell out "Hey Mami, Mami Mami, hey Mami." For God's sake, a blond in a bikini gets NO respect today.

So did any of you send me a FedEx? The only reason I ask is because I didn't order anything and there's a big ass label on the ticket, that I've missed for 2 days and today is Last Chance Lucy day, that says CANNOT DIVULGE NAME OF SENDER. Which means it's probably a warrant for my arrest.

I'm afraid to call across the street to see if the baby bird made it. I don't take animal loss very well, even if it's a bird I've never even slept with.

And as to the cassette question, I had an old alarm clock that took cassettes. For reasons I can't fathom I kept it when I got a new CD alarm clock. My reasoning being "What if the old one broke?" I didn't even put it out for the garage sale as my family stood around with prayer beads and tears in their eyes begging me to. WELL HAHA on them, the CD one broke.

I hooked up the cassette one and it broke as well.

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Although I do (from time to time) watch a sports event on TV, it is usually (and not necessarily in this order) synchronized swimming, ice skating, or horse polo. I was absent one day at high school. I missed a homework assignment. I just don't get the parade thing about basketball, football, baseball or whatever. Recently, in Hawaii at the university, they had a very successful football coach, June Jones. Hello, he knocked up a student and they didn't fire him and/or lock him up. The fact that most sports stars don't have to pay for their crimes absolutely amazes me.
    Aloha, MJ

  2. I think this means that you are never supposed to wake up until your body makes you naturally.

  3. I find alarm clocks too alarming. I prefer to have the neighbors shooting each other wake me up instead. it's much more effective.

  4. Please tell me that you have watched weeds and dexter!! If not,

    turn off that parade
    hit blockbuster
    and catch up on my favorite serial killer and pot dealer.

  5. time to get your own wakeup cock... as in ROOSTER! :O

  6. Yeah.... I don't wanna talk about the Lakers either. At least they didn't sweep the Magic.. that would have been heartbreaking. NEXT YEAR!
    That's what I say about my Dolphins every year too.. Hopefully.. this year is theirs.

    I did not send you the package.

    Maybe the guy sent your neigbors cassettes, thought they sucked and are sending them back to you?

    NO Oh well.. I tried.

    I LOVE Weeds.. and have you seen Nurse Jackie? If not OMG you HAVE to watch.. hilarious

  7. That package was from me, I sent you a bunch of 8 tracks.

  8. Oooh. Now I want to know what's in the Fed Ex package!

  9. Nope, I didn't send you a package. If a thing can't be sent online, I don't send it.

    By the way, do you need me to call and wake you in the morning? Just let me know!

  10. James Ingram and his cassettes LURVE Kobe Bryant and you're obviously not working the bikini as you must look stunning. I'll wake you up in the am if you need but why the hell do we have to wake up?

  11. Sports events? TV? What planet did I just land on?

    Love you Suzy....I've missed you so much lately and was thinking about you a lot in hospital....send me your phone

  12. PLEASE check on the bird, for me, just to see if it made it!

  13. Hmmm... anonymous FedEx? This could be good. You have to claim this...

  14. Poor birdy, I hope it is okay. Oh, and I hope your face is better too!



  16. did I mention how much I HATE basketball???


  17. I stopped watching any type of sports after Michael Jordan retired because I wanted to have his baby.

  18. Anonymous10:56 PM

    I used to like Shaq and think that he would have been a good comedian, not great, because of his sense of humor. He is actually a pretty funny guy. Although Shaq and Kobe did not get along at the end, that is not why Shaq left the team. He left because he didn't think Jerry Buss paid him enough or admitted that he was the core of the team. Kobe was and is. Shaq's antics - like screaming out "pay me" to Jerry Buss after a dunk during a game and saying things like "I got hurt on company time so I am going to heal on company time" - made him a negative for a Lakers team that just proved there is life without Shaq. He is done. He is over. As great of a presence that Shaquille O'Neal was during his dominant years, the party is over and now he campaigns to try and eek out whatever he can at the end of a great career.

    Phil may have written about the riff, and blamed Kobe, in his book, but he came back to the Lakers and eventually dissed Shaq. So it goes. The Lakers have another championship, Phil finally eclipsed Red Auerbach, and Kobe got the Big Diesel off his back.

    I am a diehard Lakers fan and hope to see a repeat championship next year. Shaq will fade into obscurity and maybe become a cop. That's what he wants...I hope he gets it. As far as basketball, he is done.

    Kobe is the face of the Lakers and IMO better than Michael Jordan. To some that is blasphemy, but to me it is the NBA. Go Lakers!


  19. Brad, I agree with you about Shaq, but Kobe better than Jordan?? Kobe doesn't have the charm and personality that made MJ a star. And that goes hand and hand with skill. A 60 point game is for the record books but if fans think you're not cool?

    You're not cool.