Monday, June 29, 2009

Facebook Anyone?

This is from my hilarious friend Ron, who decided not to let well enough alone, mainly because he's a computer genius and can do things the rest of us only dream about.

Hi Suzysoro, I set up a Facebook profile where I can post my pictures, videos and events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. First, you need to join Facebook! Once you join, you can also create your own profile.Thanks, Ron

See who who else has invited you to Facebook:

Dan Balogh 280 friends 20 photos

Connie Kaplan 103 friends 20 photos

James Wilson 20 friends 1 photo

Denise Bourie Thomas 64 friends 7 photos

Eric Shantz 637 friends 33 photos

Jenée DotNet 320 friends 6 photos

Ron Southern: 4 friends 0 photos 0 notes 1 wall post 0 groups

Jenee's last name is DotNet because she's afraid of stalkers. Maybe she should get off the internet, no? And because she has no further use for me or this blog, she only checked it 3 times today.


  1. christ. we're gonna be here all night.

    Someone is going to HAVE to go get more chips.

    and vodka.

  2. Poor Ron only has 4 friends.

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Well, I make a great dip, and will be happy to rustle some up to go w/the chips. I also just joined a wine club (just for the 2,000 bonus airline miles, the free wine picnic set, and to lower my cholesterol). So there are a bunch of bottles of wine which I can bring along w/the dip.

  4. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Why is Eric so popular? or does he accept everyone and anyone?

  5. LOL Vodka Mom! I'm on my way to the store, email me with your list of preferred snacks and the brand of vodka that you'd like to drink. Bring a bag of ice. We'll need it for drinks, or to tend wounds... maybe both.

    Suzy - you are hysterical and whats-her-butt had no idea what she let herself in for when she landed on your blog.

  6. Bahahhaaaa.

    Silly woman.

  7. LOL I will tag team you any day Suzy :-)) too funny

  8. I don't know about Suzy's PV but here is mine.


    Take 8-10 cans pineapple rings packed in JUICE (NOT SYRUP).

    Drain juice. Doesn't have to be bone dry.

    Dump pineapple into a bigass container--sun tea jars are fabulous. Use whatever container you have.

    Pour a liter of quality vodka (Grey Goose) over the pineapple.

    Let set 5-7 days. 7 is better than 5, but you can taste it at 5.

    Pour vodka into a container. I used the original vodka bottle. Let the pineapple sit for 2-3 more days to drain off more liquid.

    Pour THAT liquid in with the rest of the vodka.

    THROW THE PINEAPPLE AWAY. IT HAS DONE IT'S JOB.(trust me on this you do not want to use this pinapple for ANYTHING)

    Put vodka in shaker with ice--pour in martini glass.

    Yes, you can mix it with something. I don't. I don't care if YOU do.

    Thank you and your welcome.

  9. I am bringing oil and a Bible to perform the exorcism of the century on this person who has given Suzy grief.
    Then we will have communion with Vodka (brand of Vodka Mom's choice) and chips that everyone else is bringing.
    I will personally bring hot fudge cakes with all the toppings for desert!
    We are in for a long one here!

    Suzy, regarding facebook, you think this is bad, facebook looks like a free-for-all highschool girl's locker room sometimes. . . it's according to whom decides to use NO WISDOM OR BRAINS and post junk for all your friends and followers to see!

  10. Jenee is an idiot doesn't she realize you can see the feed! Poor Ron!

  11. where's that jug of OJ?

    there's a new friend award for you on my page...

  12. Yep, long one ahead! But I'm in for the long haul what with vodka, chips and chocolate!

  13. I am with the more vodka thing.

    Gladys: how many times did you have to try this recipe before you decided on the minimum of 5 days? What a fun job that would be...a vodka taster.

  14. So, did you join FB? I think I will.

    oh, shit.

    I already did.

    PS - went to the comedy club in San Antonio just to honor you - I bet you're way better than the girl we saw!

  15. I just stopped by to help with the cleanup! And who's underwear is in the corner?

  16. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I don't think it's Suzy's underwear in the corner. According to her blog, she most often "goes commando."

  17. I only have 95 *friends* on facebook I am such a loser.

    Some random chick asked my husband to be her friend and I told her to fuck off before I showed her an up close picture of my right foot connecting to her head. But I'm not possessive or anything.

  18. Does Pineapple Vodka go with Diet Pepsi?

  19. I don't know you people, I'm just here for all the vodka talk. Also, thank god for James Wilson, because I thought no one had fewer friends than me. Here's to ya, Jimmy.