Monday, June 29, 2009

Guess Who This Is From?

''I’ll do you and Suzy the courtesy of responding to you privately rather than posting it on her blog. I really don’t need some Pollyanna sycophant of Suzy’s lecturing me about what I should and shouldn’t say. You don’t know me, you don’t know my humor and you don’t know the relationship I’ve had with Suzy over the last 10 years. The comment was meant in jest and there was no indication that Suzy would get all wound up over it. Go to Google and search Suzy’s blog for the word “cunt.” You’ll see that I used it before, that several other people have used it before and that Suzy herself used it before (spelled out in full, none of that cowardly “c word” crap that she’s suddenly using). So don’t tell me how women are supposed to speak and then praise Suzy as the “queen of comedy” when I was merely following her example."

Jenee, I'm sorry but I don't remember calling you that on your blog. What I say to others is irrelevant here. Following my example. You're just lying now. None of that cowardly "c word" crap. Funny how you didn't use the word in that email and instead wrote the "c word" yourself. You are speaking to my much larger audience. You have 8 Google subscribers. I have over 200, some of them were bound to be on my side.

And from the reader who got the email: ...she's just down right jealous of you. I did go to her blog..I did not find her funny skin off my back either way.

End of chat.


  1. Gosh, I thought everyone got along on Blogger . . .

    Shows how clueless I am. :D

    And this woman doesn't sound the least bit fascinating, if you ask me.

    You're cooler, smarter, and doggonit, people like you.

    I also linked you in my blog post today.

  2. I've got chips, a lawn chair, some tomatoes and some jello shots. Where do I sit for the show?

    You KNOW I want a front row seat.

  3. and jesus, I can't leave you people alone for a MINUTE.

    as if I don't have enough kids to take care of.

  4. You know, my husband used to yell that word out to people while driving. It took a few years for me to pound it into his head that I was deeply offended by it and he never understood why.

    He doesn’t say it anymore in my presence but I think some people (meaning him) are too desensitized when it comes to knowing what might hurt/anger/annoy others.

    Not to change the subject but, what the hell happened to Billy Mayes? Who will yell at me to buy OxiClean or Orange Glow?

  5. rotflmf"c"off big {hugs} bring it

  6. alright! When is the next show? I'll bring popcorn, drugs booze and Snocaps

  7. OMG. It is ON... That was a very classy ass whuping, Suzy-girl.

  8. I don't say the "c" word. I just call them Twunts instead.

  9. all good... but didya know 'twat' in the uk means something else, besides THAT? :O

  10. HEY! You leave Pollyanna outta this! She's no "sycophant" so don't ever call her that again. I won't have my little sister dissed like that. She's cryin' in her little hankie right now, you big meanie!

  11. expateek-rotflmao...thumbs up

  12. I learned a great lesson from waiting tables...If something goes wrong with a client, you actually have an opportunity for a BETTER relationship than had nothing gone wrong in the first place.

    If the insult was unintentional, why didn't she take the opportunity to right it?

    I can think of a much better c word...Class.

  13. Jenee, is it just now that you've figured out that I've been through with you for a very long time? You were initially left off my blog roll on purpose. I finally added you back because I felt sorry for you because I found out you had 8 readers.

    As one of my readers said about you. "Me thinks thou dost..."
    THIS IS NOT USENET and you're really a baby.


  14. Oooh a cat fight ... I lurve it!!! Go get-em girl!


    Jenée said... You know what, Suzy? When I saw Darsden’s response to my comment I laughed and thought, “The great thing about Suzy is she will know I’m joking.” But even though I was joking before now I’m not:

    You’re a cunt.

    You’re a cunt because you call yourself a comic but can’t recognize when someone’s kidding (I was making fun of myself as if all your FB complaints were directed at me).

    You’re a cunt because you’ve known me long enough that there should have AT LEAST been some doubt, which you could have asked me about in an email rather than blasting me on your blog.

    You’re a cunt because whether I was serious or not, you censored my comment. Censorship in any form sucks but especially when it’s a comic doing it.

    You’re a cunt because you’re a hypocrite for suddenly getting all school marm on me even though others have used the word “cunt” on your blog, including yourself. See what Google shows:

    You’re a cunt because you went and made a whole new post in which to blast me (where you made an erroneous claim about me being afraid to say “cunt” in the email. Read it again). You want to resort to personal attacks? Fine, I don’t have many readers anymore because I don’t update my blog very often. Part of the reason is that I’m actually busy living life instead of posting about glory days from 20 years ago as a hanger-on to celebrities.

    You’re a cunt for acting high and mighty for not calling me a cunt on my own blog but here’s what you have written: “you’re mental.” (05/28/08), “ “WHORE.” (08/03/07), “What did George say to you? Maybe, ‘Get out of my way, ho?’” (11/10/06), and “I’m pretty sure Jesus had nothing to do with a record that says “Kill the hos and you my nigga” followed by "God I’m PISSED that they censored her.” (09/12/07). You’ve also made multiple digs on your own blog, including always referring to me as your “arch enemy.” Have I ever gotten pissy about your comments?

    You’re a cunt because even after I said I wasn't serious you continued to blast me, letting something so innocent ruin a friendship and I know you’ve done it many times before because you told me so when I came to visit you while you were home bound in a cast. My grand total of people I’ve called “cunt” in a derogatory manner as well as my grand total of friends I’ve had falling outs with both now stand at one. I bet your total is even higher than your number of Google subscribers.

    I know you’ll probably delete this so that you can twist the facts to suit your needs but feel free to say what you want about me. I’m done with this thread, I’m done with your blog and I’m done with you.

    2:49 PM

  16. Anonymous4:14 PM

    What the fuck happened here? What did I miss? holy shit...there are some issues there!

  17. Well, what have we here? I missed all kinds of fun yesterday and today.

    You were right to call her out on the c-word and her reactions set the tone for the rest of it (from what I can see, anyway).

    It's your blog - your rules - and you don't have to let anyone play here if they can't follow 'em.

  18. Anonymous4:22 PM

    OH and I forgot to say something -I’m totally addicted to facebook because I play Farmville of all fucking things weird. Shit. What a fucking loser am I? But at least I get my daughter to do the labor- ok I'm getting over my addiction really.

  19. Anonymous4:24 PM

    ps- everyone should watch this- it's the cyber chill pill- seriously...

    if you don't smile and sing along, you're a freaking weirdo

  20. I've decided that a good old fashioned whipped cream wrestling match is in order. Does anyone have a baby pool we can hold the match in?

    And I'm taking bets over at the bar.

  21. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I will bartend and make the new pineapple vodka drink Suzy gave me the recipe for.

  22. Love ya hon!
    Posted below too.

  23. When do you think Jenee last got laid?

  24. What's the "c-word?"

  25. pineapple vodka drink RECIPE?? Has someone been holding out on me????

  26. and where is braja? Shouldn't she at least be mediating or meditating or something like that?

  27. Yes, I think you're both cunts.

    So, let's steer comment back to how great I am.

    Ahh lovely. The world rights itself once more.

    Boss o xxoo

  28. Vodka Mom-I can't find Braja I am thinking her internet is down. She is nowhere to be found in blogland or email! I wrote and told her she was missing a goodone...LOL

  29. I need to visit more often! Please don't be mad about my not visiting and call me the C word! Really, it's me, not you.

  30. Oh my. . . just oh my! Suzy, I'm sorry this has happened to you dear!

  31. Anonymous10:05 PM

    WOW, I had no idea that sitting at my desk this morning would be sooo exciting. I have my shoes off, feet up and am waiting for round 2 ...

  32. Classic southern response - Bless her heart.

  33. Lisa I am from the south and have never spoken like that :-)

  34. I love cat fights- Suzy- you're hilarious- and wowza, i've never seen the word CUNT so many times in one minute or even heard it that much, she must really feel almighty to say it you think?

  35. Yowza! That lady with the c-word business sounds like she's ready to go at in the mud-wrestling pit!! Watch out, Suzy, it sounds like she likes to fight dirty. ;)