Friday, June 12, 2009

His Dead Wife Moves In With Me

I've gone through my novel, His Dead Wife, and parsed out the rest of the story and just strung together the freaky events, of which there are many more. But you'll have to wait until my book is published by some REALLY INTELLIGENT AGENT WHO I DON'T HAVE YET to read the rest.

So the story jumps forward, after the VCR incident.

I've always been a terrible sleeper. Earplugs, night mask, blackout shades, a sound machine and 2 Unisom a night sometimes all kick in and I can finally sleep.

One night I got up to pee in the middle of the night and saw a pinkish glow coming from my living room. More curious than fearful I walked towards the pink light and realized the stereo was on and since it rotates colors when it's on, blue, red, orange, pink, it was on the pink cycle. As I got closer, I saw that it was not only on but the lid was open.

Closed Lid

Open Lid

What's so weird about that?

I hadn't left it on. I can barely sleep so if there's a pink glow coming from my living room I would have noticed. The buttons on this cheap $100. stereo are behind the CDs so you have to move them to turn it on. When I found the lid open, the CDs were all flush against the stereo. I thought maybe I had absent-mindedly used the remote. I keep it near my desk, opposite the stereo. I found the remote in the bottom of a basket 2 shelves down. It took me 14 seconds to even locate the "Open Lid" function. It was definitely not me. It was comforting to know Alzheimers had not moved in.

I turned it off and went back to bed. I woke up the next day and still couldn't figure out how the stereo had turned itself on.

A few months later I was in a deep sleep. Suddenly I heard talking. In my bedroom. I opened my eyes and saw that the TV had turned itself on. This time I was scared and sat bolt upright. I searched for the remote. Had I rolled over it? Where the hell was it? In a drawer in one of my side tables. If I tossed and turned I would have had to launch myself 2 feet in mid air to get to that remote. In a drawer. I'm pretty sure that would have woken me up.

I walked into the kitchen and got a hammer. Not a little hammer but a full grown huge manly man hammer. I have no idea why I didn't grab a knife but I thought, a knife will produce blood and then I'd have to clean up AND go to prison. But I reasoned a hammer would just produce a huge hurty hole in the body of...of... of WHO?

I was shaking. Who was in the bedroom? I crept slowly back to bed, turned off the TV and kept the hammer and a flashlight in the bed with me. Not cuddlers, I can tell you that.

What the hell was going on in my apartment?

And then the TV turned itself on again in the middle of the night almost 2 months later. And they were talking about Los Angeles Mayor's Anthony Villaragosa's divorce. If that was a clue, it was lost on me. And then the stereo turned itself on again.

End of chat.


  1. Dude.


  2. Freaky!! When we moved into our house in Utah about two weeks later our stereo turn itself on freaked me out!

  3. oooo I just got chills! Little hairs on the back of my neck standing up. You have a ghost!!

  4. OK.. this is just creepy. You can ask your ghost what she needs. It apparently thinks you can help. Maybe she is not aware she is dead. Break it to her gently

  5. Agree you should try talking to the spirit/poletergeist and ask that she/he do you no harm; plus it would help if they didn't disturb your sleep since it's difficult for you to get to sleep in the first place.

  6. Wow...when I first looked at the picture, I thought that was spiderwebs. But then realized it was just the marble. HAHA

    I'll buy your book the second it comes out!


  7. I had a "cordless" phone that had an answering machine to it, and for whatever reason we didn't like it, even though it wasn't broken, I unplugged it from the waqll AND from the phone jack. I rolled the cords around the phone and put it on the top shelf of my walk-in closet in my bedroom.
    ok so months go night I was sitting in my room, closet door closed, and heard a phone ringing coming from there. I got up and turned the closet light on, phone still ringing...I undo te cords and feel like an idiot saying "Hello?" on an unplugged phone...duh...but there was nobody there. It rang about 15 times in all. I was so freaked I put it in a dumpster behind my a grocery store.

  8. You can't be funny AND be a medium or we'll have to set you up in a tent and charge money.


  9. David9:14 AM

    I went through a period when my bedroom TV would just turn on for no apparent reason. Yeah, creepy, I know.

    I came to the conclusion that some neighbor had gotten a remote controlled something that just happened to trigger that wireless frequency. I finally replaced the television and problem solved.

  10. wow! This one would make me sweat too!!

    By the way, who is that skinny guy apparently putting deo on this armpit from a huge bottle on one of your CDs??!! :D

  11. I just NOW figured out why I couldn't find the book on Amazon. Speak slowly and repeat often for me, please. And hurry up and find a publisher - I can't wait to read this in its entirety!

  12. I'd be a nervous wreck if I were you.

  13. Dude. You need to call the Ghost Whisperer. She'll get that all taken care of in, oh... say 56 minutes?

  14. Love all of these stories. So did you ever find out who the ghostie was?

  15. I want this book, you little tease.

  16. Oooooh, spooky!

    Remind me never to sneak up on you, I don't want a huge, hurty hole in my body.

  17. thum phun, suzy ;) lol

    the ONLY thing[s] you need to have plugged in 24/7: fridge, freezer, clock radio... put rest on power strips which you switch off at night - amazed at how much $$$ you save

    if they continue to power on, even when disconnected from receptacles, you ARE in deep doo-doo!

    in the event of a lightning storm, unplug ALL electricals, including the phone... and NEVER shower/bathe at that time, chances of death are slim, but are you willing to risk your life?

    among other talents, i'm a journeyman electrician....

  18. Whoaaaaa.

    Get Ghost Hunters to investigate.

  19. Power flicker? That kind of thing has happened to me when the power's gone out. When the power comes back on with a surge, a few appliances turn on.

  20. I would be looking for signs from the 'other side'.........

    If I woke up to the divorce story I would roll over and mumble...."No, please, not again!!! Go away! I can't afford you!"

  21. But did she have good taste in music?

  22. A friend of mine who had recently broken up with her ex mentioned that he religiously taped a program (XENA) and would watch it before bed rather than having sex with her. Or worse, would have sex afterwards, leaving her to wonder if he thought of her or Lucy Lawless. So I gave her the answer. Buy a universal remote, since she remembered what brand of VCR he had, and to go over when Xena aired and hit stop. She repeated this for several weeks before she had exorcised the hate for him. ;)