Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is The Girl Included?

How long do you think it takes people to put this together and then stop laughing long enough to use it?

I know women and men complain about how boring their sex lives are but really, who was sitting in front of a drafting board one day and said, "I've GOT it!"

And then just when you think that people couldn't really be any more stupid you see a magazine ad like this advocating the Karma Sutra.

End of chat.


  1. Beckie5:30 AM

    Oh but you left out the best part. When you go to the website - they are having a "backdoor sale".

    I get it that people need to spice up their sex lives, but um - why buy the pillow when you can just bend over the couch you already own? (Note to those who visit - don't worry - I fabreze couches regularly :)

    I tried googling "Karma" Sutra just to see if maybe I had missed something by dropping out of college to have my kid. But even Google said "do you mean KAMA Sutra".

  2. It looks like something I would trip over in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.

  3. "...and they are multi-functional! When not nestled together is the SEXcitement configuration, the Wedge can be used to prop up that crooked table in the living room and the Ramp can be used to elevate your vehicle in order to work on the exhaust system."

    Of course, I'm sure this nifty item can also serve as the same purpose as all the other unused furniture in your house: junk and clothes storage spot. (See previous post.)

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I'm trying to figure out where I would store something like that if my mother were to visit. Do you leave it on your bed like a stuffed animal? I'm so confused.

  5. Beckie, backdoor sale, I love it.

    traci, it's the sexual version of the bun and thigh roller. Never gets used and always in my way.

    jami, I think it could be used as a pet's bed. A pet who is having sex.

    smells like, you need to empty a closet to put that thing in it.

    rickey, maybe you could get one and take pics and send them to me?

  6. I used to think these would be kind of cool. Until 'Meet the Fockers' ruined them for me. Now all I see is old people on them.

  7. I have this very set, in this very color. However, I'm fairly confident I don't look nearly as good on them as blondie there.

    I'm pretty happy with my wedges, especially since I didn't pay retail.

  8. For a split second I thought it read Bid monogamy farewell.

  9. I read about this in Self Magazine just the other day! RAVE reviews! Better than pillows, it concluded.
    But I'm like you: WAY too much thought and planning went into this. And way too much thought and planning would have to go into its use, at least in my house.
    I'm sure that if I bought one, it would just end up in front of the TV, with kids piled up on it.


  10. I can see where it could be useful, but I am also in the "where do you store it?" camp.

  11. shieldmaiden, this was in Meet the Fockers? That's sad.

    Htrain, you need to post a pic of your wedges ASAP.

    amy, yeah, kids and cats. No brainer.

    gm, I think monogamy trumps this thing, especially when you have to haul it out of your closet and explain it to someone.

    erika, I think you store it in your freezer for those hot summer nights.

  12. Does it come with a babysitter?

  13. If I bought one, I don't think I'd be able to stop using it... something tells me that's really comfortable for watching television.

  14. The comments from everybody are just as funny as your post.