Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't Kill All The Mommy Bloggers

Even though I read a few of them by my friends, I don't go searching for more mommy bloggers to add to my feed. I try them on, like shoes I know are probably not going to fit, and then discard them and wander off for a few weeks days. Yes, you're exhausted. Yes, there will always be housework. Yes, you're bored. I have all these complaints and I don't even have kids.

I admit to having a short attention span and my constant need to be entertained by bright shiny lives is annoying and time consuming. Which brings me to Radical Vixen's blog, which I discovered on Mommy Has A Headache's blog. A show of hands if you see the irony in me discovering a blog by a dominatrix on a mommy blogger's site. I'm nothing if not inconsistent and yesterday I mentioned I was a liar so try and keep up.

Vixen is not for the faint of heart. My favorite post so far is A Date With Murphy, Murphy being one of Vixen's clients. The best thing about her blog is the men's sexual fantasies and how in all probability they work at your office or live down the street or if you're really unlucky, have married you.

What makes this blog dangerous fun is that Vixen the Dominatrix has a boyfriend. Who is aware of what she does for a living.

End of chat.


  1. Sorry, but no, the spunky hausfrau blogs don't quite do it for Rickey. Dominatrix blogs on the other hand are all sorts of fun.

  2. When you've dated as many mommies as I have, the dominatrix doesn't seem that ironic at all!

  3. I've always thought that I'd make a stellar dominatrix. And, in addition to what I imagine is VERY rewarding work, they get paid a shit load, too! Lucky wenches...

    As for the mommy blogs, I am with you. Except I am a mom. Who blogs. Fuck. BUT! I like to think of myself as different from the rest but I'm probably only fooling myself. Double fuck.

    One thing that I hate about Mommy blogs, though, is how they just churn out minutia of their daily stuff. PLUS it's all usually very Lilly white, you know? "Little Timmy lost a tooth today!! And then he said the funniest thing...." Blegh.

  4. Mommy bogs have their place, that's for sure. Dominatrix blogs have their place... in my bookmarks. I'm a bad boy.

  5. I'm not a mommy blogger--I don't have little ones. I'm more of a Moooom! blogger.

    I'll check out the dominatrix blog, perhaps I'll pass the link to my 17 year old son.

  6. Surcie6:43 AM

    I guess I don't think of my blog as a mommy blog, even though I'm a blogging mommy. Why do mothers always get such a bum rap? I'm just saying, I hope y'all hate the Dad blogs, too. And hey, what about all the people who blog about their cats!?

    Thanks for the suggestion, Suzy. I've been wanting some new blogs to read.

  7. I don't need to read about other people's kids. I got my own problems... err, kids.

    But the real question for you Suzy is, who'd you like/hate on last night's IDOL?

    Gotta admit, it was quite the guilty pleasure seeing that 17 year-old Archuletta robot forget his lyrics.

  8. Rickey, I knew you'd like it.

    Michael, I think it's time for you to start dating dominatrixes.

    Bex, I'm with you on that line about the minutia of the kids' lives. "he had oatmeal for the first time!"

    brody, you are a very bad boy.

    jenn, you and surcie and bex aren't the mommy bloggers I'm talking about. Neither is gm, who will likely weigh in on this later on...You all talk about other stuff.

    tommy, I didn't watch AI last night. I'm OVER it. It's boring. I switched over to the Biggest Loser, which was much more drama-heavy.

  9. OH GAWD, my life is boring! I will have to visit this dominatrix.
    And I am with Surcie in asking why us moms have to be catagorized as always and only blogging about our boring kids. I just wrote an entire post without mentioning my kids. So, there.

  10. I love the title! Maybe you can make T-Shirts? I'd buy at least 10.

    I'll have to check out the dominatrix once I get home. I don't want to give anybody the wrong idea here at work.

    I say this as if they were capable of independent thought process.

  11. bee, I think I'd be more prone to make a T that said "Kill All The Mommy Bloggers" since I'm pretty certain I'd sell more!

  12. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Has no one thought of blending the two and having a Mommie-natrix blog?
    Martha Jane

  13. Dominatrix, Bossy, the same thing.

  14. MJ, Mommynatrix, Bossy, the same thing.

  15. Hmmmmm yeah, I think I'd buy 20 then. 50 if you have a picture of the one I like the least.

  16. Oooh, I can't wait to read those at work!

    Hey, to answer your question: the book's on amazon now (for pre-order)...just search "Driving Sideways"...but you are awesome and your office looks like mine kind of, so I would love to send you a riddled-with-grammar-goofs ARC. Email me if you're interested!

  17. Just e'd you Jess.

  18. When you've dated as many mommies as I have, the dominatrix doesn't seem that ironic at all!
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