Friday, March 28, 2008

Cirque Du Shoeleil # 5

Shocking, another pair of Steve Maddens in lime green patent leather with a zipper across the top. I guess in case you need more air when you're walking in slingbacks.

These are a pair of Italian Belos, which are made out of lambskin and are buttery soft to the touch.
And to Tommy James, who thinks I've alienated my all male readers with my shoes, then Tommy my friend, you know nothing about blogs. If I had a list of all the retarded Favs that people post on their blogs, the list would wrap around the Universe 50 zillion times. Toys, games, hand-knit socks, flowers, puppets, kid's toys, kid's pictures, animals in Christmas costumes (!), spoon collections, sex paraphernalia, homemade birthday cakes, trees in bloom, long country roads, cakes that went awry, build-a-bears and last but not least memes, then you would do what you do at your house, change the channel. And while we're at it, for God's sakes, update your site once a year. So I can make fun of it more.

End of Shoes Du Soleil.


  1. The zipper is not just for more air but so you can have one strap or two, depending upon ... your mood, I guess. And lambskin is just TOO ... ummmm ... yeah, just ummmmm.

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    You've inspired me. I am going out this weekend and shopping for cute shoes (or sandals)...
    Martha Jane

  3. Yes, plenty of people list weird things on their blogs.

    But that's just it - They're LISTS.

    Not week-long devotions to subject matter that I and anyone else with a penis and hankering for breasts tend to find meaningless.

    Go ahead, keep blogging about shoes. I'll be over on Courtney Love's blog where at least I can read some honest to goodness Hoolywood complaining and kvetching.

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    To Tommy James:
    There are many men who manage to use stiletto heels (or other lovely footwear) to somehow manage their penis. These are not gay men. Try the web site for Helmut Newton.

  5. Please someone go to his site on my sidebar and let me know when he changes the content.

    Christmas is coming up so you'd better hurry.

  6. surcie4:31 PM

    Hush your mouth, Tommy James. I love the shoe posts, mainly because all I wear are flip-flops and Dansko clogs. The addition of clowns makes them truly funny. So there.

  7. Buttery soft=comfy=my kind of shoes.

  8. Pomnot6:17 PM

    Wow, just how many pairs of shoes do you have, Shuzy?? I'm going shopping toute suite! I'm having weird dreams featuring those boots . . .

  9. "lambskin and are buttery soft"
    MMM Lamb.

    At least the dude keeps coming back right?
    I'm sure they sell those shoes in men sizes, maybe he wanted to know.

    Um, khrmpf... what sex paraphernalia? Where?

  10. Pom, those are maybe one fifth of my shoes.

  11. Wow the second pair looks even softer than the coat I covet. They must feel very nice on your feet.

  12. Those Steve Madden's are really excellent. I'd love to know what you wore with them. Why do you think Tommy James is so hot about this? You've inspired me.

  13. Anne, jeans or miniskirts. Or in the shower.

    Tommy just is pissed because he's not a girl.

  14. If you wre to ask me, I'd probably say:

    ' that's pretty good shoe-mor you got happening here '

    Just sayin'