Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cirque Du Shoeleil # 4

These are yet another pair of Steve Maddens, in black and white tweed. The last time I wore them was at the Because We're Not Dead Yet Party last April. I was in so much pain by the end of the evening that I took them off and walked around in my black stockings, which tore and ran and basically made me look like a homeless woman. That was the last time I ever wore heels. Sob.
I liked these boots because I knew no one would wear them but me, which is how I buy most of accessories. I remember the last time I wore them I was in line waiting to vote for some initiatives or something, maybe to legalize prostitution?

End of chat.


  1. I do love a pair of tweed shoes.

  2. Wow. You have sooo many talents. The shoes are fantastic... I think i need to find another saint to put out on my porch ..for you. You need to wear these.

  3. I love the tweeds, too. But yeah, not so much the boots. I think the tweed ones would look good in the lining color, too.

    (BTW, thanks for going back to the double shot of shoes.)

    (Hey - wanna see a picture of my Payless-not-quite-like-your-Ann-Kleins I told you about yesterday? I can take a picture with my cell phone so you know it will be sharp and all.)

  4. Sorry, I disagree with above folks. I LOVE the boots, they are the best boots EVER! I want to see a picture of you wearing them.

  5. Those boots are GREAT! Forget prostitution, can I wear them in the suburbs?

  6. Dear Suzy,

    Is the week-long, obsessive posting on your circus of shoes obsession just a big ruse to uncover whom amongst your readers is gay?

    Because if it's not and you're only goal is alienating your male fans - Well then, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    I miss the old Suzy from last week. Bring that catty gal back and PRONTO.

    I'll be over here. Wake me when you start dishing on something other than overpriced footwear.


    P.S. I have some BIG NEWS pending.

  7. To all the shoe freaks, thank you. And to yet ANOTHER control freak comic named Tommy James who owns one pair of clogs, bite me.

    And is your big news pending that you're a giant homo?

  8. Beckie12:03 PM

    I adore Steve Madden! Is it wrong that I want to send you some pics of my favorite SM shoes??? Even if it is, I'm ok with it - that's the kind of wrong that I like to be.

  9. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I'm all for shoe week, shoe month, shoe year...bring them on. And I think sandals need their own day, too.
    Martha Jane

  10. I'm with MJ on the sandals, but they have to be CUTE sandals. None of those ratty old common granny sandals. OK?

  11. Pomnot6:13 PM

    I've been enjoying the shoe show, but I think those boots have a life of their own . . .and it's scarey. I'm inspsired to get out the gold spray paint . ..