Monday, September 19, 2011

After Everyone Has Talked About BlogHer, I Get Around To It

When I went to BlogHer in the beginning of August, I didn't really go to BlogHer. If you know me at all, I'm not much of a joiner or a follower. I'm kind of a loner which is, I believe, how serial killers get started.

So I made up something called BlogHer Adjacent. A send-up of what people who live heartbeats away from Beverly Hills call where they live, Beverly Hills Adjacent. They made up that name rather than admit they didn't make the cutoff to 90210.

So I tweeted that I'd be in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel from 2 pm until late that evening on the Saturday of BlogHer and asked people to DM me their cell phone numbers. And they did. Poor bastards didn't even see it coming.

I met some of my favorite people, bloggers I'm sure you know and love. Well, at least know.

Like these people and these people and her and these people (plus the back of Jenn's head which I forgot to note in the original picture. She was also my gracious host on Friday night and let me sleep in her guest room). I also met her and these people. And this duo, one of whom I picked up at LAX the Tuesday before BlogHer. Don't you hate people who link like this? People tell me not to do it this way because it drives traffic away from my site. Please, there are plenty of things that drive traffic away from my site without obnoxious linking.

This photo was taken at the table I commandeered in front of the Marriott Starbucks. I looked up to see someone crossing the lobby wearing my tee shirt and couldn't believe it. Then I recognized her from her blog.

When I asked her why she was wearing my shirt she replied that everything else was dirty. SO FLATTERED.

She bought a tee shirt a long time ago and never sent me a picture of herself wearing it. Turns out she didn't realize the upside to buying a shirt was a link on my sidebar and the opportunity to be seen by tens of people.

Since I've been so late posting this, I decided to leave her picture and link to her blog up until I sell another shirt, or get a few of the people who already have shirts to send in their pictures.

Cough cough Vodkamom.

Her blog is funny. You should read it. She free-associates like no one else.


  1. -->It's about damn time.

    Now please add target= " _blank " behind every link so they open to new pages and aren't AS annoying to people.

  2. You, seeing you, finally: I had tears in my eyes.

    I loved seeing you, Suzy Soro.

  3. I am not annoyed. What's wrong with me?

  4. awww thanks..but actually? it's one of my fav t-shirts. you guys should totally buy one.

    and thanks for your "tens" of readers!!


  5. You need to DM me your phone number so I can stalk you.

  6. Cough cough me, too.

    I didn't even know there was a picture of Bossy and my head floating around out there (the picture, not my head).

    I had a blast at BlogHer Adjacent.

  7. I was thrilled to be part of BlogHer Adjacent! Honoured to be "her" !! I think you are adorable...and have the picture to prove it, but will never post it:) Hugs.

  8. BlogHer adjacent was awesome, But LTYM:LA adjacent was even better.

  9. When I started reading I thought Adjacent was happening up in your apartment, all via Tweets. I should have an Adjacent event next time, sitting in my front courtyard holding Tweet meetings. hmmm

  10. Hey, I know her! Well, I don't KNOW her, but I definitely READ her. :) Tens of readers! That's awesome.



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