Sunday, September 25, 2011

L.A. Sign Of The Times #89

I get pedicures 3 blocks from my house. On the way there I took a picture of this building, which is on my street, because I thought only in L.A. do people name their buildings after luxury cars.

In the chair next to me were two women who were obviously friends. One was from Nova Scotia and the other lived up the street from me. The Canadian flew in one week a month to take lessons from the woman who lived on my street who teaches some kind of mind boggling body-mind-exercise-wouldprobablykillme kind of classes, for which she's known all over California.

I was glad I was wearing a baggy dress. And yes, Nova Scotia is part of Canada.

She asked if I lived in the grey building that had just been renovated. Not connecting the grey building with the picture I'd just taken, I replied that I didn't but did she? She said her Dad owned it.

In other news, Blogger spell check thinks "Scotia" is spelled wrong. Because Blogger? Has not traveled much.


  1. Maybe her name is Mercedes and dad named the place after her. (then you could do a post on why people name their kids after cars)

  2. I agree with @JoeinVegas. A prime example- Maci on Teen Mom with her kid Bentley. You KNOW she'll own a building someday with all the MTV proceeds and it will be called Bentley Landing.

  3. This reminds me of the time I was talking to some "richy" kids in high school.

    They asked me if I liked "Usinger's "sausage.

    I said, yes, we all love Usinger's sausage here.

    IT's HUGE. Most famous sausage ever. Best summer sausage there is. It makes an appearance at every Packer game on the cheese and sausage trays ANYWHERE.

    I say yes, and they say, "my dad owns it."


  4. We owned a company at one time and named it after our daughter: Katrina, Inc. Little did we know how infamous she would become.


  5. interestingly, to me at least, a lot of strippers are named after cars. also more strippers named Angel than nuns named Bambi.

  6. I'm with Jonah--you generally don't see truly classy people naming their kids (or apartment complexes) after luxury vehicles.

  7. I like high fives AND hugs, but I've also mixed gold and silver before.

  8. after close to 15 years there i moved out of nova scotia... nuff said

    i drive a benz... so?

    no, i'm NOT rich... the car's 12 years old, but driver's seat moves back so far i have to stretch my 6'4" frame to reach the pedals!

    and, it still drives the way ALL cars should... safe and sure!

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