Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just A Few Reminders

My memoir continues over at Scrivel and Uproarious has a press release announcing their brand new collaboration with ???

I hope you're all searching in thrift shops for ugly Xmas sweaters. Just take a picture and send it in. This is one of the 2 prizes. That spot above 'check one' was from the camera, not the shirt, which is brand new and I think is L or XL, I can't remember. I have no idea where I hid it but it's here somewhere.

And another shout out to Beckie for sending me SIX MORE CHUCKLES!! The candy, not the laughs, although she HAS made me laugh but you know what I mean and you've heard of my addiction to this candy which CALIFORNIA REFUSES TO SELL. It's not like we're Vermont; we have 38 million people in our state and someone besides me MUST like them.

God, people piss me off sometimes.

End of chat.


  1. People piss me off, too! A LOT of people. (Some other animals also piss me off, but I can shoot them without too many repercussions.)

    For the shirt prize, I might just go out and stalk an ugly Xmas sweater. I gave all mine up when I found out they were causing my chronic headaches.

  2. I'm too busy watching the animated photo of you to read this post. You pucker up and bat your eyes! It's more amazing than a monkey dog.

  3. I wish I knew what Chuckles were. I'd send you a caseload. I guess they don't sell them in Arkansas either.

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