Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Everyone Can Bite Me Friday!

I think you'd all be shocked if I revealed the name of the popular Mommy Blogger who exchanged e-mails with me over my choice in the upcoming election. This Mommy Blogger urged me to consider NOT voting. She didn't put that in the comments. Obviously.

Have you seen the new Steven Spielberg-directed commercial that facetiously asks people not to vote? It stars major Hollywood players and asks you to vote. Obviously.

What the hell is wrong with California? Both Obama and Sarah Palin have been hung in effigy in two different places. Maybe we should pay less attention to foreign wars and fix the ones we have here at home?

Now that I'm back down to 123 pounds, I tried on the 9 pairs of jeans I own.

Goodbye Mr. 4.
Goodbye Mr. 6.
Goodbye Mr. Chips.
Hello Mr. 8.

Just how fucking skinny was I? And why do I only own 9 pairs? I have more toothbrushes than jeans.

I'm over at Uproarious discussing one of the most controversial comics of the last ten years, Dane Cook, and how he used the Internet to change the fame game.

End of chat.


  1. "Maybe we should pay less attention to foreign wars and fix the ones we have here at home?"

    So you've changed your mind and are voting for Obama now?


  2. More toothbrushes than jeans? Good onya - I think proper dentition is much more important than sartorial splendor.

    Meanwhile, I have been advocating voting for many years, now - I don't care if you close your eyes and point, just freakin' vote already!!

    I wish people wouldn't wait until they realize they may lose something before getting active. Why is it that folks don't get passionate about their rights and the laws concerning them, until they feel threatened by the loss of those rights or want to curtail the rights of others? head is spinning. I'm baking a cake, now, because I don't have any drugs to take for political-mayhem-of-the-brain.

    Oh, and? The last time I weighed 123 pounds, I was twelve. I think my leg weighs more than you do. Sigh.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Here in Hawaii we can vote early, so I have already voted. The problem is that the polls were understaffed and people would get frustrated at the long lines and not vote. It's a given that Obama will take Hawaii. Not only is it a traditionally Democratic state, but he was born here (despite what that idiot in Pennsylvania is trying to say -- hello, they even have his mother's hospital records). The big issues here are public transportation and a steel rail system which might ruin the beauty of the island.
    P.S. Jeans aren't an issue here. Way too warm for jeans...

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I really like Dane Cook's physical approach to comedy.

    Everyone should vote even if they vote for the evil GOP candidate...(hehehe)

    Oh those jeans....I started the year with a goal of losing 20 pounds - I'm now up another 10. Jeans don't really work for me any more.

  5. Seriously--asking someone not to vote is so not okay. I can see why she (whoever she is) can bite you.

    I'd jump for joy if I could say "Hello, Mr. 8."

  6. I only have one pair of jeans. Until I go down to a reasonable size blahwah, I will not buy another pair. I have about a trillion sweatpants though so I don't know what that implies.

  7. Anonymous2:44 AM

    I have one pair of jeans. they are maternity jeans. I will never wear them. I have no Dane Cooks, I will never have one.

    Boss o xxxx

  8. "It's Everyone Can Bite Me Friday!"

    Bend over.

  9. With all the presidential election publicity, I nearly forgot that I needed to vote for a Vermont governor too! I quickly scanned their websites and I am voting for the only one who mentions bringing high speed internet to ALL Vermonters!!! It's not Douglas.
    I only have 6 pairs of jeans and only like wearing 2 of those. I wish I could get down to 124 again, waahaaa.

  10. I think you should vote for whomever you want to vote for and ignore everyone else.

    I'm uncertain about Dane Cook. Sometimes I think he's hilarious and sometimes I want to slap him. I guess that makes him good. :)