Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Men And Women Hate Each Other

There are too many reasons to list so instead let me get to the important stuff.


I'm over at Uproarious today giving away 3 free CDs of men ragging on women. Just leave a comment and I'll pick 3 winners on Friday. My only regret is that there aren't any CDs of women ragging on men. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm the guest movie reviewer at Popcorn Mafia this week. Along with Grae Drake and Ann Abeyta (my annual movie top 10 list person) we're reviewing The Rocker and Death Race. Ann's real name is Gariana and I have no idea why she calls herself Ann. Probably to fuck with the gringos. And by gringos I mean me. The podcast is on Sunday and for those of you who want to hear how funny I am in real life, as opposed to on the page? You might be shit out of luck. And remember, comedy can't be learned, only stolen.

Details on the podcast times coming up as soon as I know them. No one tells me anything.

Hey Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! Doing a gig there on October 9, flying in the night before and looking for random sex with Canucks in the area. Bring butter tarts.

I'll also be in Lima, Ohio December 5th and 6th, flying in the night before so if you live there, or near there, I'm sorry.

End of chat.


  1. So when are you coming to Arkansas? Please? I know, I know...but I'd secure some butter tarts for you.

  2. Regina? Why no Vancouver I ask you?

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    WTF - Lima, Ohio????? Seriously?? You can go to Ohio - but not Connecticut?

  4. Okay, now I am off to google these foreign sounding places.
    How about Albany? They have a few places to chose from and they are not too far for me. ME!

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Lima Ohio? Who the fuck goes there by choice?

  6. I don't know whether to stay away from those movies until you tell me it's safe, or to see them so I can be in the know when you talk about them.

    I know one thing, I love it that you used the verb "ragging" for men.

  7. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I use "Ann" because when I was growing up friends would always shortened it to "Gari." Which I hated. Only my cousin Davine still calls me "Gari." I let her get away with it because I think she's mildly retarded and I lack patience.

    The new shows post on Sunday. We are both very excited to have you on!


  8. Arkansas? Vancouver? Connecticut? I'll go anywhere if the money is right.

    Abeyta, what's wrong with your family? Davine? GARI? SO WRONG.

    Guys, you know these 2 are going to RAG on my ass during the podcast. Youd better tune in so you can grab my back later.

  9. Women don't need CD's as a medium for ragging on men. You do it to our faces while we do it behind your backs. Wait; but WE'RE supposedly the ones with the balls. Something ain't right....

    Holy cow -- your Hasselbeck post got 43 comments! I decided, in my case, to allow silence to be golden. Another "balls issue," perhaps?

  10. Lucky Regina! Just beware, once you've had a Canuck, you'll never want to settle for anything less. Bill - I Am Canadian! (We may not be modest, but we're nice! LOL)

  11. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Gariana is the butteriest tart I know.

    Prinn xxxx


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