Monday, August 25, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Was Right

And I never thought I'd say those words in my lifetime.

She once said that the interesting thing about Clinton v. Obama was that we were finally going to see who America hated more, women or blacks. She predicted that the U.S. would hate women more. She was right.

Change? This was the platform The Manorexic ran on and we once again have two men running on the Democratic ticket. Joseph Biden was chosen "because of his extensive knowledge of foreign affairs." Translation? Obama has NO knowledge of foreign affairs.

Should we support people based on gender? Or maybe color? I think the O.J. jury could give us an answer on that but they're all out looking for the real killer. We'd like to believe that we support candidates based on their qualifications but then you run into George W. Bush and instead it looks like he was supported by dummies everywhere. Twice.

The idea that I may die without ever having seen a female president is unbelievable to me. If I was in my 20's, I might have voted for Obama. That's because I would not have known that once I entered the work force and stayed in it over the long haul, I would encounter so many glass ceilings that my head would be permanently scabbed. I think that women who don't work for a living have no idea how much head-butting they would actually take if they had to work in a man's world for a lifetime.

The only job I ever had where my gender was not a consideration in advancement was waitressing. In standup I was told things to my face that would suck my soul right out through my eyeballs. "We had a woman here once; she didn't do well so now we don't hire them anymore." Elayne Boosler, when asked what the difference was between a comedian and a comedienne, replied "$10,000."

Today women earn 77 cents to a man's dollar. In 1984 it was 59 cents. That's 18 cents in 24 years or 1.3333333 cents each year.

Women at the top translates to more women in positions of power everywhere, just like it does for men. So when today's 30 year-old women are in their golden years and have seen up close and personal that there is a glass ceiling in place everywhere but at McDonald's, and even there I'm not sure, maybe they'll rethink their vote in the next primary. That is if another woman ever gets that far again. The last one, Geraldine Ferraro, got to the VP position in 1984. That's 2 women in 24 years. Or 0.0833333 each year.

I'm not alone amongst Democrats who are pissed off. So I'm not going to waste my vote. I'm going to make it count. I will be heard and vote for McCain.

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Wow, I've got to be honest, I read this blog because the title seemed so far fetched as to not be believed, but maybe you're on to something...

  2. I'm confused because Dubya had pretty much NO experience so he selected Cheney who is basically President without the title. So why is it wrong that Obama select someone with Foreign Affairs experience if that is the area that he's lacking?
    I try to understand and actually form my own opinion but I never know which newspaper/tv channel is actually putting forth the truth and not just broadcasting their own opionions.

  3. I think they all suck. Im voting for the marginally least suckiest. What a way to choose a president.

  4. I'm beginning to think Obama is going to lose all "57 states." (His words, not mine.)

  5. No... it only proves American Democrats don't like Hillary Clinton... not that they "hate women."

    What I find ironic is that you are willing to vote for somebody who is hellbent on making things worse for women so you can make a point about things being worse for women. Well, good luck with that.

    When McCain gets elected and continues to block equal pay for equal work for women... when he appoints judges that overturn Woe vs. Wade and makes abortion illegal... when he fights to block access to contraceptives AND doesn't want them covered by healthcare AND kills funding for sex education... when he works against gay marriage and civil unions (for those women who REALLY want to keep it in the sisterhood)... when he publicly calls his wife a cunt a few more times... yeah, things will be SO much better for women.

    Your vote won't be wasted at all now... it's going to send a message loud and clear about how you're willing to burn a house down if you can't own it, and that's fine. Enjoy the cinders and ash you're left with when all your dreams come true.

  6. WTF? Yes - I desperately wanted Hilary to be the prez candidate. And when the Democrats didn't give her that, I wanted her to be the VP candidate. But now that she hasn't gotten that, I'll still hold my nose and vote Democratic because doing otherwise could only make things worse for everyone. If Obama is elected, there is a good chance of Hilary being in the cabinet or even the Supreme Court. Not so much of a chance for her to be anything but a NY senator if McCain gets in. If you truly believe that another Republican administration will make things better for the country, and women in particular, then vote your belief. But if you're just voting for the Republicans because you're pissed that things didn't turn out your way ...

  7. I'm Canadian, so I don't get to vote (how unfair is that?!) I've suspected from day one that America isn't ready for either - a woman or a black as president. Personally, I'm hoping America proves me wrong. What about Canada? Our Governor General is black and we've had one woman Prime Minister. Not much, but a start.

  8. Ugh! It sucks that this pits women against African Americans. Who is discriminated against more. I am both black and a women, so I guess I have to figure out which factor will fuck me over more? I am voting for Obama because to me, he seems to be the best candidate of the two. I don't understand how a vote for McCain, a pro-lifer,is a vote for women.

  9. Interesting. People are upset and accusing me of not voting for the Dems because we lost Hillary and now you're mad because I'm not voting YOUR way? Get a grip and get yourselves.

    It's MY vote and MY country and I get to voice MY power anyway I want. And I will. A lot of us are.

  10. 'Get a grip and get OVER yourselves'

  11. I think I'm going to make a statement and shoot myself in the voting booth. Vote for McCain? Vote for the party that has managed, in 8 short years, to ruin our international standing, our environment, and our economy?

    Or vote for Obama? The man nominated by the party best known for shooting itself in the foot each and every time it needs to make a crucial decision? The man who has not managed to explain to the American people just how much the Republicans have fucked us over in the past 8 years? How hard can that be? Give me that microphone! Where is the man's tongue?

    I miss the primaries. At least, back then, people were talking about real issues, not pandering to the hoi polloi by promising offshore drilling or walking around providing great photo ops but talking about nothing of substance.

    Bitter? Damn right, I'm bitter.

  12. So when you say "I'm amongst the Democrats who are pissed off and am voting for McCain"... we're not supposed to take that to mean that you're "not voting for the Dems because we lost Hillary?" Because after reading this entry, that's exactly what I thought you were saying. So hey... if you're voting for McCain because his policies are a better fit for your beliefs, then that's fantastic... rock on!

    I wasn't accusing you of anything. Nor was I telling you how to vote. I was simply responding to your blog entry. That IS why you have comments turned on... isn't it?

  13. The "plan" as proposed to the disenfranchidsed Dems is to vote McCain in (if possible). Then in 2012 Obama won't run and we elect Hillary because by then 12 yrs of Reps will be even more disgusting.

    This is not brand new info; it's been around for the last 3 months.

    And it would take a lot more than 4yrs to get R v Wade overturned. There, at least, women WILL support each other.

  14. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
    Voting for anybody but a republican...

  15. first time commenter here.... and I say....

    Hallelujah! Sister.... but Meh on McCain.... A definite approach/avoidance conflict.

    I like you when you're funny too:)

  16. Anonymous4:18 PM

    i'm just plain pissed off...they are all a whole bunch of pussies. I can't stand Obama.

  17. Anonymous5:02 PM

    It is only when I look at the Education, Health and Political systems that I wish I were back in England. But I love California, am here legally, teaching publically and paying taxes.

    It is those taxes that i don't want to see blown away along with my friends parents' pensions by the biggest socialist I've seen be an option.

    Have to go with McCain here, and I'll still have my own body thanks very much.

  18. Anonymous5:03 PM

    doh - not teaching typing obviously! :) -publicly

  19. I don't dislike Obama. There are things I like and things I dislike about him. With Hilary it was the same- some stuff I liked, some I didn't. I don't blame Obama for the US being ready or not ready for a woman president. I don't feel the need to send him a message.

    To me I'm not voting between Hilary, McCain and Obama. At this point the choice is between Obama and McCain. Between those two there is no doubt in my mind who I would rather see leading the country.

  20. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Geez- Ralph Nader gave us GB and now you will give us McCain (and CINDY, yech . . .) Pleasse .....

  21. THAT'S A PLAN?!?? I feel like I'm in a TV show from the 1950's where women would make crazy-ass decisions for comedic effect by tossing sanity out the window to go all hysterical.

    Fortunately Hillary Clinton herself is doing what she can to ensure her party gets in office and begins rebuilding a Nation After Bush. I may not care for her politics, but I've got to respect her commitment to the "greater good."

    But hey... best of luck with your "plan"... here's hoping you get everything you deserve!

    Assuming the country survives long enough for it to come to fruition, of course. :-)

  22. I love Obama, but like you voting for McCain for whatever reason, it's my opinion and my right to vote for whoever I think will run the country better. At least this year. 4 years ago, I voted for Kerry as the lesser of two evils. I hate when it comes down that. At least we still have choices!

  23. Aieee! I think Dave2 just called you an hysterical woman. I'm getting out of here before it gets really ugly.

  24. suburban, don't worry about D2, Ive gone over to his blog and made plenty of trouble.

    My main point in this post was to mention the disparity in women's positions in the US, a point that was never addressed by one commenter. To point it out and maybe get one or two of you to remember that in the future when you want to stab a female coworker in the back.

    But even more shocking? Not one of you mentioned the WAR IN IRAQ!! Maybe we've stopped caring about that?

  25. How sad is it that people feel they have to vote for the candidate they hate least rather than for one they like best? When did it become about keeping the worst one out of office rather than supporting the one we felt best represented us, our nation, our will?

    I don't much care who you vote for, as long as you VOTE! Give a damn, take part in the process, and get the people around you to do the same; ultimately, we the people have an obligation to be involved with our nation and our government - if we don't get and stay involved, we will get what we deserve. Silence equals assent, at least politically.

    Good onya, Suzy, for making no bones about how you feel.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  26. kyddryn, Ive never been a shrinking violet and I can take the heat. AND I had a point to make and made it, even if no one paid attention to it. But thanks for noticing.

    And you said it best, doesn't matter who you vote for, just VOTE. So many Hilary supporters are just not voting at all.

  27. Oh I care about Iraq... that's why I'm not voting for the guy who is perfectly okay with us staying there for 100 years. I thought that was implied. :-)

  28. Look, I'm with Mrs. K here. I can't STAND Obama. The last presidential candidate with that much arrogance at least had some experience to back his ass up. And that was George Sr. and he eventually went down in flames.

    W is a hot mess but he's humble and human. People (and the free world) loved Clinton for the same reasons, ditto Reagan. 2 out of 3 of them are morons. No one cared.

    Obama is not the great white hope.

  29. D2, Iraq was not implied by ANYONE here in these comments. As we say here in Hollywood, Don't EVEN...

  30. I get what you're saying and it is your vote to use however you want.

    I just hope a lot of the people that say they're going to vote for McCain for the same reasons as you change their mind.

    I shudder to think what this country will be like after 4 more years of a Republican administration.

  31. I don't think I am angry enough today to comment, but perhaps tomorrow, or tonight, I never know.
    I do want to know why Biden keeps touching and hugging Obama. Way too touchy feely for me.

  32. *****I just hope a lot of the people that say they're going to vote for McCain for the same reasons as you change their mind.*****

    We're not. This is ON PURPOSE. And in PROTEST and we're thrilled to be doing it. THRILLED.

  33. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I do not think it is who hates whom more but the fact that white men have been habituated, through sports and music, to support the black guy. Huge arenas filled with white men cheering on teams of black basketball players. Over generations, it makes a difference. A man can still be a man and support another man. Supporting a woman, however, is still a passive statement.


    The bad news for McCain is that there is a huge bias AGAINST short, angry white men married to trophy wives.

  34. Suzy,

    I have to join the unconvinced throng here. Your version of logic on this topic makes my head spin. Could be an occupational present a line of reasoning that becomes more twisted as it's revealed, yet it almost makes sense. Good technique for humor...not so much on other things.

    If you want to send a message, write a letter, hold a sign, start an awareness campaign (no more wristbands, please; we're out of colors); if you want your values represented in government, hold your nose and vote for the candidate who is most likely to enact them. People have been doing that since they got the vote (and politicians of all parties have been pandering as well, so nothing new there, either). In reality, the only message you send with a vote for McCain is "I want McCain to be President." Your solution is like expelling a student for skipping school ("Refusing to come to class? Well, then, we won't LET you come!").

    Why would you assume Obama wouldn't run again, and keep running until he wins or is incapable of running? Didn't you listen to his wife talk about how persistent he was in pursuing her? : )

    And your response to initial objections of "It's MY vote..." is even less to the point (the word "hysterical" crossed my mind, sue me). Getting dizzier.

    I find it especially amusing when you declare how much better off the world would be if only women could be put in charge, and then in the same breath complain about how women aren't supporting each other. So are you saying all the issues that keep women from cooperating would simply vanish once they won the elections? Or is the lack of cooperation men's fault too? If that's the case, I'd be nervous about the nature of the solution...don't expect to see me at the inauguration; I'll be hiding in my bunker--er, sick--that day.

    Generally speaking, women may be the experts in relationships (hence your better world theory, I suppose) but they're also more ruthless when crossed or when one of their own is threatened (if you accidentally injured a child, would you rather deal with the mother or father?), so I'm not convinced things would be better...different, but not better. Men & women are equally imperfect. So are the various racial classifications. Who cares? Just get someone in there who is capable.

    Are you doing something where you are to support women in your field right now? That seems to me to be the best way to change things. If so, I'd be glad to help. Especially if the women in question are hot and single (HA! See what I did there? --ref. "Mr. Saturday Night").

    And in case our comments haven't changed your mind about voting for McCain...welcome to the dark side. We've been waiting for you.

  35. MKH, why do men call women hysterical who dont agree with them? PLEASE READ MY POST AGAIN BECAUSE YOU OBVIOUSLY MISSED THE POINT.


    THIS is why we need a female president, to shut you mofos UP because you all think YOURE the ONLY ones who are right.

    SO over it. And if you knew me I'd be the LAST woman youd accuse of not helping women. That was insulting.

  36. OK, clearly I have your attention...

    I'll admit the word "hysterical" is a loaded one...I'm not using it because you're a woman (or not exclusively for that reason, anyway) came to mind because of what I see as a lack of sound logic in your thinking and in the whole "strategy" you described, as well as the emotion behind it (I know, I sound like Spock). Not that there's anything WRONG with emotion, and most people don't vote by sheer logic anyway. But if YOU'LL read your posts again maybe you'll see what we (your loving but dissident fans) are referring to, and why we're skeptical.

    Millons of you? Really? Are there meetings, or an email list or what? I'll give you the benefit of my doubt. But I hope you'll understand if we all mistake you protestors for "Republicans."

    AND NO ONE IS QUESTIONING YOUR RIGHT TO WHATEVER (see what you've driven me to? Capitals!). I'm questioning your reasoning behind it and the results you hope to get.

    And last time I checked, even a president doesn't have the right or the power to shut people up. Michael Moore is still talking, right? (Feel free to substitute your favorite love-to-hate person there).

    Ah, you don't sound "over it"...but I hope you are not under the impression I'm not on your side on a personal level. Just in case, I'm postponing a visit to California for a while.

    And I did NOT accuse you--I asked a question (do you offer advice, etc.?). I'm sorry you mistook your assumptions for my motives. You're doing wonders for women (!) just by indulging my verbosity, so they have less to deal with from me in person! : )

    (Seriously, no offense intended...but then I knew it wasn't a big hug and a "you're right" either so I didn't expect one back!).

  37. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I'm protesting the status quo by voting for an Obama administration. If you vote for McCain, who will care? It does nothing to help anyone, except McCain. The rest of us just get more of the same.

    I loved the Clintons until this election. Frankly, I was relieved that Hill wasn't chosen as Obama's VP because Bill is clearly a liability. In referring to Obama he said, among other things, "This is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen." I knew they'd never be on the same ticket. Bill screwed it up for her, and I bet she knows it.

  38. I just made the BlogHer scroll. Mission accomplished...

  39. Go, my Suzy. Go. *smile*

  40. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a nut job and agreeing with her? Well, it's making the usually rational Suzy Soro sound like a bit of a nut job. The beauty of this Democratic race was that instead of having to choose between the lesser of two evils, many of us felt we were choosing between the better of two great candidates. It was an extremely close race-- Obama just happened to be the one many of us preferred.

    If McCain is more in line with your political beliefs then of course he's the best candidate for you. But Obama and Clinton have such similar policies that it is absolutely baffling to me why any Clinton supporters would now side with McCain instead of Obama. I tend to think those people weren't really Clinton supporters but were merely feminist supporters and that's as lousy a reason for casting a vote as race is.

  41. And speaking of women who dont support other women, herrrre's Jenee!

  42. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I came back to see if you'd commented about HC's speech last night. I loved it. And the orange pantsuit.

    I hate the title of this post! Hasselbeck is s a cheerleader for the RNC who doesn't have anything meaningful to say about the state of women in this country. She just wants to make the Dem party look bad. If we vote for one Dem candidate, we hate the other's gender or race? What a dolt. How long does she think it'll be before the RNC has a black/female presidential candidate?

  43. Oh Suzy, I love you darling as you well know. But I'm kind of with Jenee here.

    I don't understand the notion of a protest vote that actually hurts your own cause. It's not like refusing to wave the flag when you're mad at the country - it's more like burning the flag factory to the ground and killing 26 people and a few puppies in the process.

    I think both HRC and Obama have their hearts in very similar places. I can't ever endorse voting for the guy who shot down equal pay for women and wants to get rid of Roe V Wade.

    That's not 4+ years away by the way - it's as long as it takes for Stevens to kick it. Guy's 87 now.

    Read this: McCain is one of only a few senators to earn a zero (that's 0) rating from Planned Parenthood. No way I want that guy within four inches of the Supreme Court.

    Maybe having a president who actually gives a shit about women and families, and will likely incorporate them into his administration creating the next generation of female politial superstars - isn't that a more exciting and realistic possibility for paving the way future female commander-in-chief candidates?

    Hey, maybe even Chelsea. I could vote for her in a few years, easy.

  44. I think Hillary would have made a brilliant President. But I was an Obama fan before most people had ever heard of him.

    2 of my daughter's high school classmates got killed in the war last week. There is no light at the end of that dark tunnel.

    I have numerous health issues and no health insurance. I can barely afford groceries on my retail pay.

    I can't bear the thought of 4 years of McCain. He comes off as mean, to me. I can't bear the thought of 4 more years of a government that lets happen, what happened to Katrina victims.I agree with not wanting the Republicans anywhere NEAR the Supreme Court. I can't bear a government that doesn't seem to give a crap about the average American.

    And one of the reasons I love America is that we all have the RIGHT to vote for the candidate of our choice. But I would rather NOT vote than vote to put another Republican in the White House.

  45. Anonymous3:03 PM

    delurking to say the men who call women hysterical are usualy women haters and use the word to try and 'set women straight'.

    back into teh shadows go I

  46. Anonymous11:07 AM


    I get your point. Really.

    I would never want to "set you straight" because I agree with you, about the glass ceiling, about equal pay etc.

    But John McCain doesn't. Before you vote, consider McCain's RECORD and general attitude towards women.

    I think you will find it severely lacking.

    And what kind of "protest" is a vote for the other party? Making a point? (NO) Are you "punishing" Obama because more people voted for him? That is some misguided crap if you ask me.

    I think, with a clear head, before you truly cut off your nose to spite your face, you ought to consider which candidate will actually support your issues.

  47. NOW I want to vote for McCain more than ever. Because of all the people trying to change my mind. The disrespect in that is enormous for me. Rude, controlling and manipulative. I do not try and convince you not to vote for Obama because it's your FUCKING life and your FUCKING VOTE. So please get off my blog and take your bullshit with you. Really, get off my blog, don't come back.

    That I was called hysterical in the face of all YOUR hysteria is really choice. ON MY OWN BLOG which 5 women pointed out was beyond decent blogosphere behavior. And to those who called me that, you did NOT make points with my readers.

    You won't be missed.

  48. Anonymous12:50 PM

    So is this where the party went? Damn! No invite!! I don't agree with some of the shit said- like I said before I can't stand Obama- he can only 'speak and inspire' if he has paper in front of him or reading from a tele-prompter. Look at what happened when he was left to his own devices...he introduced his VP as the next President...ha ha slip of the tongue or did he just blow his strategy (ie- get myself close to an old fart from senate with experience and i'll just ride his coat-tails). It is a dilemma for me- I don't like his wife either- she has this look about her that freaks me out....sorta like Oprah but I think Oprah is more human. And Michelle has an agenda...and I don't think it's necessarily the right one. Obama is a fraud just like McCain is a fraud as well.

    And yeah it pisses me off when women voice an opinion (and Suzy with facts and mathematical theories to boot! IMPRESSED!!!) and then we're fucking called hysterical.

    I'm sure had you said this in a men's locker room or a conference room, people would be high-fiving you or slapping you on the butt.

    Cheers...Mrs. K.

  49. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Vote however you want.... But a vote for McCain in California is about as useful as Mexican Pesos in Canada... Translation: Worthless