Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go Read This

I don't know who Traci is voting for. But I do know she's one of the smarter bloggers I read if only because she's a real John Stewart type comic, she tackles both sides of an issue. Me? Not so much. I think I've established that I'm the Queen of Black and White.

We've been emailing a lot about the current wave of sexism going on in politics and this is from one of her emails:

CNN is criticizing Palin for running for office while she has a Down Syndrome infant.

And this:

I was listening to Mort Kondrake on the radio tonight as we were driving to our gig and he said that Palin isn't qualified but Bobby Jindal (Gov of Louisiana) is and would have been a better choice. Of course, their experience is nearly identical.

Huffington polls show 56% of people think Hillary supporters will jump to the Republican ticket.

I think women everywhere should read this.

And weep.

For God's sakes, wake up out there.


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    sickening. Just sickening.

  2. Those comments from the media are reprehensible.

    At this point though I'm ignoring the commentary and going on what the person stands for. I don't consider a ticket that is staunchly anti-choice as an option for me at all, ever, anywhere in the space-time continuum.

    It's not just the actual President and VP--it's the judicial choices they make. Abortion is so difficult to access in so many parts of this country that it may as well be illegal for some (poor) women.

  3. Wait a second... so you're saying that women are capable of both working AND taking care of their children? When did this start happening?

  4. Here it is. My agenda, for which I make no apologies or excuses:

    1. a woman in the white house
    2. don't care what party she's in
    3. don't care what her politics are
    4. if it's the Republicans then I'll spend the next 4 years getting them out and Hillary in
    5. it's why arguments don't work on me
    6. People, let it go. The more you bleat on and on, the more entrenched I become.
    7. Deal with it.

  5. I'm all for a woman in the White House Suzy.

    Heck, somebody' gotta clean the place!

    Oh, I'm KIDDING! I'm with you, its way past time. Although I doubt I could vote Republian even for the best woman candidate in Amerca. But then I'm Canadian, so its not a problem.

  6. Anonymous5:01 PM

    This year I am voting for the smart guy. America has been anti-intellectual since Johnson. A Princeton-Harvard educated University of Chicago Law Professor from the South Side of Chicago gets my vote. No ex-POW, no hockey parent, this year the smart guy. And when a guy with seven houses calls the black guy elitist, you know he is REALLY calling him an intellectual.

  7. Bush Sr. and Clinton were both smart, despite what they each did in office. Intellectuals are few and far between. Most of them we're never heard of. Except Hawking.

  8. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Hawking, wasn't he a council man in Trenton? Clinton like Obama, is charismatic. Bush Sr. was a crabby old man. Of the current lot, it's the smart guy and his hot daddy running mate.

    But that's OK, rearrange the deck chairs, GO PALIN!

  9. Bush was crabby and scary, (x head of CIA) WHO'S THE HOT DADDY?

  10. I think the idea of picking a woman like Gov. Palin to woo Hillary supporters is insulting. I don't think women should simply follow another woman if they do not share values. However I agree with the writer that too much of the media is seeing the woman first and the governor second and that is wrong. I think that is EXACTLY how McCain and GOP looked at her. I beleive it is simply using her womanhood and how can anyone support that?
    When she crashes and burns and that has already started, do you think it will further promote the role of women in government or hurt it? Senator Clinton did a lot to show a woman can be President, Gov. Sarah may undo all of that.

  11. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Suzy, the hot daddy, well reported in D.C. locker rooms to swing major wood, is Biden. And as a palliative, Jessie Jackson ran for President. He was the wrong black man for the job. I understand your zeal that you want any woman in the Executive Branch irrespective of qualifications. (Bush senior was indeed crabby with his Read My Hips line)

  12. Anonymous7:33 PM


    When I tried to click on the link
    to Go Read This - it clicks
    back to your blog ? Am I the only
    one ?

    Strangest thing, not that I minded
    reading what you've written again,
    I would like to see what Traci wrote


  13. You're not clicking on the right link. It's the word 'this.'

    She's written more so just go to

  14. It's a freaking circus out there. I wish I could just be on a need-to-know basis with the citizens of this dear country, but unfortunately I'm a rubbernecker.

  15. Anonymous5:23 PM

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