Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm Back!

Thank you all for your really drunken yet kind comments re my blogoversary. I read them all off my Not-An-IPhone cell phone while I was in New York.

I was actually happy to have time off from my computer. It was a lot like being on the island of Fiji, only a lot cheaper, not as beautiful and minus the sand. It's just a joke how addicted we all are to this machine. Not me, because I am, still, quite perfect, but YOU PEOPLE NEED HELP.

We have a lot to discuss, and many pictures, so stay tuned. And there WAS sex. There had to be, someone is NY must be getting it, no?

End of New York-in-5-days-chat.


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Well thank God you're back. In your absence I got a faster computer so I can get to your blog-site in record time. But alas, you were having FUN in the Big Apple. We await your NEW YORK POSTS...hopefully with the requisite lurid headlines.
    Martha Jane

  2. Excuse me, did you say you had SEX? Fill a sister in! No pun.

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    "Excuse me, did you say you had SEX?"

    Read it again.

  4. Yay! Your back. I lurked everyday even though you weren't here. I even watched a fashion show on Elle, very cool. Can't wait to hear all about your trip and see pictures.

  5. Listen, Miss SnippyPants, I did read it again, and apparently I am too much of a dullard to understand, so if you don't mind, could you shake off your pissy attitude and answer me once and for all: DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT GET A LITTLE IN NY?

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Dear Dullard,

    When people email me privately, it's always to say something like "Loved your post today" or "Jesus you're funny" or something else that no one will ever read but me.

    But when it's about my SEX LIFE, THEN IT'S IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

    No, I did not get any sex there. It's kind of like being here, only further away. Happy now?

    xxooMiss Snippy Pants

  7. Hey Soro -

    I don't know what is more unbelievable -
    a) Ryan Seacrest did a good job on the Emmy's - or
    b) you had sex in NYC.

    All I know is you don't cut off Robert Duvall to go to Seacrest and some Asian dude with a cellphone. But you should always mention sex in your blog because people will surely respond...

  8. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Robert Duvall is a great ACTOR. He is a horrible speaker. He couldn't remember the name of CANADA, which is why I think they really cut him off.

  9. Exactly - who remembers or cares about Canada? He could just drool and it would still be more interesting than Seacrest - Out.

  10. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Duvall was getting on my last nerve with the uhs and the ehs and the uhs.

    I love Seacrest. Is this why you introduced me to your gay boyfriend in Mayfair market and said this: "This is Suzy and she has a blog that is......kinda.....funny." ???????

  11. So, you had sex with Ryan Seacrest? Or was it Robert Duvall??????? God, I can hardly keep up with you, you little tramp.

  12. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Seacrest is gay and Duvall is dead so there you have it.