Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Best Of September 2006

This was my first blog post ever, called Plastic Surgery For Dummies. I have added italics to it as a year ago I didn't know that in Blog World that was acceptable. In Screenplay Writing World, adding italics is a big no-no and pegs you as an amateur. I am also laughing at my references to Jude Law and Colin Ferrell. They were huge then, now, not so much. Which is another no-no in Screenplay Land, no topical references as your movie could be made twenty years after you wrote it, which just happened to a friend of mine. Unless you're mentioning icons, like Van Gogh or The Beatles, it's doubtful the future will remember L'il Kim. Unless the future is really fucked up.

And to those of you who are sitting at your computers bitching that I must be too lazy to post something new, the answer is Yes I Am.

There are two kinds of New Yorkers who move to Los Angeles. One is dreaded and hates L.A. because there’s no winter/smoking/people who read. Then there’s me. I loved it because there were hot cars, hot homes, and most importantly, hot people everywhere. Not to mention my building had a pool and a view of the Hollywood sign. I know there are gorgeous people who live in other parts of the world but it couldn’t possibly compare to the pulchritude this town spits out like olive pits from a dirty martini. And Los Angeles was littered with car dealers to the stars, Realtors to the stars and plastic surgeons for the rest of us. This is where Hot comes to die and the Mother Ship had called me home.

Even though no one in L.A. has actually had plastic surgery, is ever going to have it or would ever admit it if they did happen to have it while accidentally sleepwalking into downtown Beverly Hills for a three p.m. appointment, there sure are a lot of people ahead of me when I go for my Botox shots to my plastic surgeon’s office. I admit to having it because I love it and will be having it to the end of my life. As a matter of fact, I’ve booked my doctor for my embalming or autopsy, whichever comes first. I’m going to exit this world looking glorious, especially since I’m surely not going to feel that terrific.

I just don’t understood women who say they would never have plastic surgery. I’m pretty sure Janet Reno does not spend all her free time returning Jude Law’s calls or texting Colin Farrell. I once heard Cindy Crawford interviewed and she said that if she felt she needed it, she would have it. Cindy Crawford, not Broderick Crawford.

I wasn’t obsessed with my looks until a week after I moved to Los Angeles and was walking down the street with my mother. We ran into an old family friend who hadn’t seen us in many years. The friend looked at us and said, “Wow, you two could pass for sisters,” and I thought, ‘Man, how bad do I look?’

So I bought a jar of face cream that claimed to reduce the visible signs of aging and I tried it. It didn’t do much for my face but I used it on my 1998 Toyota and now it looks like a 2001. I knew then that the only thing that really reduces the visible signs of aging is death. And an upper and lower blepharoplasty.

When I had the eye job I told my friend Metia and she replied “You’re kidding, you can’t even tell.” Well, if you could tell, it wouldn’t be called an eye job; it would be called a lawsuit, now wouldn’t it?

Then I wanted my nose to tip up so I had a piece of my ear put in right above my nostrils. The manager of my Hollywood Hills apartment complex asked me if I could hear through my nose. So apparently there are some people here who don’t read. Restylane? Captique? Mesotherapy? Sculptra? Had it, had it, had it, need it.

A lot of people are afraid of surgery and I can understand that. When I had my eye-lift, the last thing I remember before I went under anesthesia was the doctor holding a scalpel, the fluorescent lights and the smell of burning flesh. I was mortified. Do you know how bad you look in fluorescent lights? The nurse asked me to count backwards from 100, giving me the illusion that I was going to be awake for a really long time. Meanwhile, no one makes it past 98. Why don’t they just make you count backwards from 2?

The truth is that I’d rather have plastic surgery than go to the gym with all the mutants oozing toxins out of their pores. If I see toxins coming out of any part of my body, bring me a margarita and check me into the Chateau Marmont.

Because my friends all know I’ve had plastic surgery, they ask me if they need it. Yes. Even if they don’t think they need it now, yes, they need it now. And for those of you stalwarts who think you don’t need anything done ever or are too afraid or too cheap I can only say this: When your rear grazes your ankles and you’re carrying your breasts around in a little red wagon and your husband is sleeping with the baby sitter, don’t come crying to me. Just remember that King Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines and I’m sure he has male descendants out there somewhere. And I’m sure the hot ones ended up in Los Angeles.

End of chat.


  1. Bravo post!!

    I am probably one of those who doesn't have the desire for plastic surgery. I'm not a fan of needles unless I'm on the giving end.

    I have big boobs (naturally) and I figure that once they sag to my knees, I will attach a chain to some nipple rings and sling the chain behind my neck.

    Adjust accordingly.

  2. I would definately have a boob job and lipo, but Botox still scares me. I won't eat home canned food either. I know it's irrational and not based on fact, but my fear is there.

  3. Do you think Candace Bergen has had any work done? I just saw her in a bed scene on Boston Legal and I loved it. She's got wrinkles but she looks terrific and she inspires me to think that i could be doing the same at her age.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Heather, just reading that made me bring my elbows into my boobs protectively.

    gm, I know you have a problem with the Botox but these retard doctors are now watering down the product so much that I doubt there would be enough to paralyze an eyelash.

    Anne, I definitely think Bergen's had a facelift and left her eyes so she wouldn't look like she had work. Her eyes are in bad shape, btw. SHe covers her neck a lot and that's to cover the tell-tale signs of a lift, which are too-prominent neck cords.

    And she probably had pink gel lighting.

    For those of you who want to test if you think you need a facelift, lay down on the floor with a large hand mirror and look into it. That is what you will look like WITH a facelift. Then sit up and look in the mirror. Scary, huh?

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM

    My friend, Loren Freeman (star of "Ruthless" and a million and one guest spots on TV -- usually in drag) and I used to love going to the Hughes Market on the corner of Doheny and Beverly. As we were shopping, we'd play "Find the Face Lift." Everybody there had been through plastic surgery, except the maids and us. Loren went out and got his eyes done and then a tummy tuck. I moved to Hawaii. It was cheaper.
    Martha Jane