Monday, January 02, 2012

It Took Columbus Less Time To Discover America Than It Took This Person To Take A Picture Of Herself Wearing My Tee Shirt

She's had the shirt since August. Of 2011. How do I know that's how long she's had it? I hand delivered it to her. In San Diego. San Diego, California. I'd like to say I made the trip from LA to SD expressly for this purpose but that would be a lie. There was BlogHer Adjacent going on and she graciously invited me to sleep in her garage.

Another lie.

In her well appointed and spacious spare bedroom. I stole nothing. But there's always a next time.

I'm beginning to think the wait was worth it because she appears younger and younger in each new picture I see of her. Naturally I call bullshit.

When I wrote her and demanded to know how she was accomplishing this she replied that all her kids were now OUT OF THE HOUSE, except for one piece of cake child, a girl (a beautiful girl) who gives this mom of 4 zero trouble. She thinks she's finally able to relax after 86 years of child rearing. I may be off on that number.

I'm pretty sure you all read this blogger already but if you don't, start. And if you leave her a comment please ask her to run for Congress. We need more women running things THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE RUN. i.e. unlike a man.

And if there's anyone who could whip Congress into shape, this woman could.


  1. It didn't take me nearly as long to order "My Funny Valentine" . . . I've already got it. There may be hope for me, yet.

  2. Great picture! I agree, she's looking younger all the time.

  3. Jenn for Congress! I like that!

  4. BenJENNmin Buttons!

  5. I bet it feels like 86 years of child rearing but I could be projecting.

    Jenn looks great in that shirt.

  6. Jen looks great period.

    I need to go bra shopping.

  7. She looks great! I'll have to head over to her blog now!

  8. I love Jenn and that's a gorgeous pic of her.

  9. That's funny. You were here in San Diego and failed to call me. Well, I never.

    However, I have still bestowed upon you the 7x7 Link Award. For further details check out my Lamp Hat blog: