Tuesday, January 17, 2012

L.A. Sign Of The Times #94

This painted building is at the top of my street. Whenever I look at it I think, "What are THEY doing on that painting?" Are they a world famous icon? I THINK NOT.

Can you guess which one I'm referring to?


  1. C'mon girl, "I'll be back" made history didn't it? Swear to God the last alien that landed in my backyard said something like that when they flew off.....or maybe it was "Hasta la vista...baby" Who knows.

  2. I see The Beatles, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and that hideous creature who is so successful and had what was supposed to be a dream marriage but couldn't keep his hands off other women. It's my ex-husband, right? I would like a cool painting on my house, but I want my very own Banksy.

    Janie Junebug

  3. Oh Jeebus, is that "Saarrahh Connah?" replacing what should be Marlon Brando? How very.

    No one else in the mural looks happy that he's there, if that helps.

  4. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Are you referring to Mildred Baena's baby daddy?
    Interesting juxtaposition of Arnold and Marilyn, one screwed a Kennedy and the other was screwed by them.
    Is that Peter Lawford hiding behind Ringo?

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  6. You know he's only on there because the mural is in California. I thought y'all loved him?
    That was probably painted before his sexual escapade with the ugly maid right?

  7. Now if they'd put his twin Danny DiVito up there with him everything would make sense.

  8. Until I read the comments, I couldn't even figure out who that was :-)