Monday, July 11, 2011

The Mystery Of The Two Windows

While I was looking for apartments, I kept getting a picture in my head of a window at the end of a kitchen. And a picture window in the living room next to it. I had no idea why or what it meant. I would see apartments all day long and come home and have that vision pop into my head at random times. I wondered if it was going to be in a house I would own. (Even though I've never in my life wanted to own a house.)

I continued to look for apartments and then one day saw one I really liked. The manager left to get me an application and while he was gone I looked out the kitchen window. Then rocked to the side and saw this:

It was the EXACT picture that had appeared in my head, the kitchen window on the right, the living room picture window on the left.

Sidebar: The first dog my sister and I owned was an AKC dog named Fago Marigold's Mental Image. We had picked out a puppy but the breeder said, "You're not puppy people." Our dog, eventually named Kiko, was 9 months when we got him and we nearly cut off his balls by accident so we were probably not "9 month old dog people" either.

I had another apartment to see that day and it was also terrific. The manager gave me an application and said he would need to see my bank statements or a tax return. I didn't carry those around with me - obviously - so said I would return in a few hours. But I had a feeling the universe was trying to save me another application fee by putting this snag in the transaction. I knew in my heart I was supposed to have the first apartment. That's what the vision of the Two Windows was all about.

When I got home, the first apartment manager had already called and told me I got it. (He said when he saw my credit score he had to get me into the building) (It must have been high) (Or maybe he was?)

Remember the story of the Nic Cage movie and the angel played by Don Cheadle and how he told Nic the answer would come to him, and then my phone rang and it was from the town my Dad died in? I knew that was a message. The answer would come to me. And I knew it was my Dad "calling" to let me know it was a message. He and I believed in the metaphysical much more than the reality most people hang onto. Our way is more comforting but requires more faith. Although sometimes I run a quart low on that.

This is the view from my living room window.

This is the view from my 3rd floor balcony. In back of the pink house, those pale ash colored buildings, Paramount Pictures, are three blocks from my apartment.

I had so much extra stuff I was able to furnish my balcony.

Which is really ridiculous. I'm only showing one half of it because if I show you the other end, also furnished and decorated, you're going to call Hoarders on me.


  1. I have stories like this, too.

    First, I'm so happy with your view, and your balcony to sit on.
    How wonderful.

    But, I remember, my grandmother told my brother to help me with my 3 boys.

    My brother said, "she doesn't have any children!"

    At the time, I wasn't married, no children.

    Years later, I have 3 boys.

    And my dear brother helps me with them all the time, because he remembers what my grandmother asked of him.

  2. -->My sixth sense kicks in quite a bit. You could say it's die hard.

  3. That balcony looks like a good place to enjoy some cocktails!

  4. Good to trust those mental images if they gave you a positive feeling. So glad it worked our for you!

  5. Me again...can't believe I haven't been here to read you in so long. Got distracted with life and following way too many bloggers. I just read a bunch of your posts and you are hilarious, but you know that already, sorry. Lol.

    I am officially moving you up in my roster so I won't miss any of your new adventures in your new place!

  6. Yep! You've GOT it, Girl! My sister and I are a bit ESPish too!

  7. your balcony and your views. Congrats again on your new home, Suzy.

  8. Great place. Thanks Dad!

  9. Congrats on finding a new (and it sounds MUCH better!) place! I'll wave to you from the parking structure! :)

  10. Love that you love your new digs. The view is the awesomest, even if you do crowd it with all your hoarded stuff. Pile of newspapers in the closet? I thought so.



  11. When I was looking for a house I had a vision of my two little boys playing long-toss in the backyard. When I saw the house with the perfect backyard I knew it right away.

    I'm glad you got what you were meant to get.

  12. Don't you just love it when things that are meant to be, become reality?

    Love it and love your balcony.

  13. Moved already? wow. I guess things do go fast when you make them. And you can walk down for your movie roll, but I'm sure they'll send a limo for you every time you're needed.

  14. I love the views from your windows and your balcony is great!

    Since your so close to Paramount, you need to start stalking celebs for us.

  15. Gorgeous!

    I'm so glad you found your place and everything aligned. Wonderful.

  16. I love it when a vision becomes reality! Happens here, too. What's wrong with decorating outside with extra stuff? We have a bookcase on the back porch next to a couch. Enjoy your new place!

    Not to be an alarmist or anything, but you realize that with Google Map (or a similar aerial view website) you have provided enough information here for stalkers to find you, right?

  17. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Is that big honking ashtray really from the Stork Club? I thought Whoopi was the only person left in LA who let people smoke in her house.

  18. Awesome new place! I wish you much happiness in your new home.

    Except (selfishly) not so much happiness that you quit finding funny things to write about.

  19. So how did you almost cut off the dogs' balls? All this information and metaphysical stuff, and all I want to know is about balls.